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Exhaust fluid!? Has emissions equipment gone too far?

If anyone else is into diesel's, as i am, then I'm sure you've heard of the new DEF and DPF systems in the new trucks. For those that haven't heard of it, here's a basic summary: The DPF (diesel particulate filter) is supposed to catch all the little particles in the exhaust. Well obviously it is going to get clogged, so the vehicle is also equipped with a DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) injection system. What it does is sprays this fancy fluid into the exhaust to raise temperatures and burn all the particles to clean the DPF.
Now this already sounds like a pain in the a. Well there's more.
The fluid isn't cheap. $5 a gallon to fill a 5 gallon tank every 5,000 miles. That's an extra $25 every 5000 miles, for what? Well I'll tell you what, a loss of 2-3mpg compared to previous models.
So lets get this straight. There's extra emissions equipment on the truck that causes WORSE FUEL MILEAGE THAN WITHOUT IT! How does that make sense!?
"But you can just not fill the tank right?" WRONG! The truck will go into limp mode if you don't fill the tank. Some trucks, such as the powerstroke, won't even start without the fluid!
"Well I'll just get rid of the system". NOPE! That will void your warranty.
"Well I'll just deal with it til the warranty is up". That's fine, except for the fact that the warning system and the level sensors are malfunctioning in every brand. They can sense windsheild washer fluid, coolant, fuel, but the can't make this one work? Come on, man!
Anyone else think this is going way too far? It's costing owners money for the fluid, plus it hurts fuel mileage. I find it ridiculous.
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