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Originally Posted by ssmonty
Hey you guys,
I'm looking for opinions/options on header to exhaust port matching. The main things I'm concerned about on my set-up are limited gasket material left at the bottm of the ex. port on the head, and the headers look to be restricting the ex. in the middle of the two siamesed ports on a sbc head. You will probably have to look at the pics to see what I'm talking about. I don't mind the bottom of the ports not being as large as the header opening, like an anti-reversion step, but where there is not much space between the ports it looks like the headers will be restricting flow, you can see where they overhang the gasket, and may be more subject to burning out. I planned on using a Felpro 1205 gasket(shown). I don't think I can grind and re-weld between the header tubes, but maybe someone else could? I'm sure if they did it would damage the ceramic coating, but would it be worth it? Any of you know of a spacer/adapter, kind of like a 1/4" thick steel gasket. or a smaller empty header flange, that I could grind to blend the exhaust port to the header, and where to get it?
I would be grateful for any, and all replies.
Wrong headers you need D port headers like these

You don't want the headers hanging into the port, this really screws up flow so bad you might as well keep OEM manifolds on the engine. If you can't afford to replace the headers, the next best thing I can recommend is a set of adapter plates. They are available commercially but are pricey for what they are costing about a hundred bucks. You can duplicate them with a suitable length of 3/8's aluminum plate, a saw, drill, and die grinder.

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