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APalusky 12-17-2008 05:07 PM

extra insulation help..
Hi. I will be putting in Raamatt in my 37 in the next few weeks. On the firewall, and front floor I want to put a little more besides the Raamatt. That insulation with the Mylar (silver) sheets on both sides of a bubble wrap. Is that any good?? Thanks.. Al

302 Z28 12-17-2008 05:46 PM

That is great stuff, there are not many better insulators IMHO.


APalusky 12-17-2008 05:59 PM

I am talking about the stuff that you can buy at a place like Lowes.. Is that the stuff??

kristkustoms 12-17-2008 09:18 PM

As an insulation it works good, but do not put it on your floor. You heels will pop the bubbles and you wil be left with a lumpy floor.

APalusky 12-18-2008 02:09 PM

What is your suggestion for the floor?? I will be putting down the one layer of that Raamatt first. Then there should be ???? then carpet..

red65mustang 12-18-2008 03:08 PM

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"IF" you wear 6" spike hi-heels while driving you might pop a few bubbles with it under the "impact absorbing" carpet!!!

the aluminized "mylar" HD/Lowes insulation bubble wrap works fine under carpet...

the bubbles are too small to pop ...approx 1/4"D x <1/8"Tall ???....see pic

35WINDOW 12-18-2008 03:32 PM

Why not use Jute?

APalusky 12-18-2008 04:34 PM

Ok then.. Two questions..
1. If I use the mylar wraped bubbles.. What do i use to glue it to the surface of the say roof?? I know about the aluminum tape for edges, but i am not sure about larger pieces..
2. Where would I find jute, and what does it cost??, and how is it guled onto the Raamatt?? Thanks.. Al

302 Z28 12-18-2008 05:59 PM

DAP Landau Top spray grade adhesive is what you want. Just about any rattle can adhesive that you find in a home store is not going to be acceptable. Use on a roof panel requires an extremely tough glue to survive the heat.

You can find jute at just about any shop that does auto interiors. If they do not have it get them to tell you who their supplier is. You can use the same DAP adhesive to glue the jute to your mat.



APalusky 12-18-2008 06:04 PM

Thanks. I'll look for the Dap. Does that come in a rattle can??

APalusky 12-18-2008 06:15 PM

I see that the Dap comes in bulk. I need something in a rattle can. Is there another product??

302 Z28 12-18-2008 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by APalusky
I see that the Dap comes in bulk. I need something in a rattle can. Is there another product??

The only other product I would even think about using is 3M Spray Trim adhesive it specifically says it is high strength. The number escapes me at the moment, perhaps Dan will chime in with it. There are some 3M spray adhesives you need to stay away from, such as 3M #77. It's great for photo albums, but lets go when it gets hot.

This might be it.


NEW INTERIORS 12-18-2008 09:41 PM

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I have use this in my car,And it seems to hold up good,I like this stuff alot.Didn't get to put a lot of heat to it to know for sure.I find it to be some great stuff. :thumbup:

red65mustang 12-19-2008 07:00 AM

"jute" attracts and holds moisture (and odors) like a sponge....
makes a perfect environment for promoting rust growth throughout the whole inside of the car raising the humidity level as the temp go up and down daily...
(a reason why the muscle car floors are totally shot is the jute under the carpet)

to get the most temp insulation with the bubbles,,,you want to suspend it with a tiny bit of a gap so there is a small dead air space to the metal,,,not dead tight to the steel....
basically, just spot (contact) glue it if needed so it won't shift....
cut it way to big so you can cram it in the super structure around the perimeter and it will stay put...
need more rigid,,,glue 2 layers together and suspend that....

go buy a small roll and experiment with it,,,very simple and easy to work with it....

DanTwoLakes 12-19-2008 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by APalusky
I see that the Dap comes in bulk. I need something in a rattle can. Is there another product??

DAP does indeed come in a rattle can, CLICK HERE but you got some good advice from Vince. Rattle cans have a different formulation to get the glue to come out of the little hole. There is no aerosol that the glue manufacturers recommend for overhead use on a car roof, and that includes newer cars with headliner boards, but on the floor any contact adhesive will work. I would brush on DAP HHR (high heat resistance)top and trim adhesive before I would use the rattle can. But why brush when you can spray it? You can buy a cheap spray gun at Harbor freight for $17 ( item number 43760) that comes standard with a 2MM nozzle that will spray the DAP fine. That's all I ever use. I just did a headliner in a '53 Chevy that had fiberglass insulation stuck right to the roof that was still going strong after 55 years. It was put up there with HHR contact adhesive.

I agree that jute would be my last choice for carpet padding. I use regular rebonded carpet padding over B-Quiet Ultimate or B-Quiet Extreme. CLICK HERE Watch how thick your padding is, or you can end up with problems with door clearance.

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