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Dont pay somebody to port stock heads unless you are racing in some kind of class that requires them.Porting stock heads is a great way to make lowbuck power if you are doing it yourself,but if you pay somebody to do it,you are wasting money.Almost all heads can benefit from some cleanup before being ut into use,even very expensive aftermarket heads.This type of cleanup is the best type of work you can do for the money even when done on stock heads.
The first thing you need to do is determine if your stock heads need a rebuild and how much it will cost.If the combo you want to build includes new stainless valves in bigger then stock size,the a set of aftermarket heads might already be a cheaper option.If your heads are O.K.,and you want to find some quick power for next to no money,you can invest in a valve spring compressor and disasemble your heads{keeping all the parts in order where the came from},and do a mild port cleanup.A good job on stock 350 chevy heads like your 882's would be to blend the valve area behind the bowls,clean up any sharp edges in the combustion chamber,and gasket match the intake port entries to a felpro "small race" gasket.Dont port the head more then about 1" in to the port,just blend the port opening to the size of the gasket.Clean any carbon off the ports and valves,I like to polish the valves before putting them back in.You can put the valves into a drill press and run a piece of emory paper over the backs of the valves to clean them up as long as you aviod prolonged contact between the emory paper and the machines surface of the valve seat.You can clean the valve faces off in a similar way.You can then lap the valves back into the heads and reassemble them.This type of cleanup can be worth about 20 to 30 hp on a typical 300hp 350.It wont hurt low end performance and it wont make the engine more radical,so it is really the best bang for the buck you can get.Good luck.
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