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flamedfordbronco 08-22-2004 12:46 PM

fairlane engine update (almost done!)
Hey everyone,
i was trying to hold off on doing an engine post until it was running, but i just had surgery on my arm and can't use it for 4-5 months. So, no more work will be getting done soon, so ill let you guys know where it stands right now!
The engine is the stock 289 block, i had it hot tanked, and bored .030 over. i ordered some new pistons from paw to fit, with sealed power rings. the crank was ground .010 under and polished, that was enough to clean it up and make it smooth again. I got a performance cam, i told paw i wanted just a mild street cam. the spec sheet says lift- int: .448, exh:.472, duration int: 270 exh: 280, if anyone can give me some more specific info on the cam, other than "it's bigger than stock", that'd be great. i also got hydraulic lifters, and new pushrods, rocker arms, and performance valvesprings to freshen up the valvetrain.
I ground the stock valves back smooth, then just did a normal 3 angle valvejob to get them working like new.
For the fuel delivery, the stock manifold and carb had to go, so i put on an edelbrock performer manifold and 600 cfm performer carb. the rest of the stuff i did was just basic rebuild stuff: new timing gears, water pump, harmonic balancer, oil pump, things like that. I also painted every surface inside the motor (that isn't machined) with glyptol, and beveled all the oil holes, just to give the oil a little boost.
sorry about the huge post, and any grammatical mistakes (it's hard to type with one hand, trippin on painkillers lol) thanks for reading about my engine! i probably forgot a bunch of stuff, if i remember any later i'll let you know. if anyone has any wild guesses on power figures, feel free to let me know, because i have no idea. here are a few pictures of the motor, enjoy!


and here is one of the car in case some of you haven't seen it:

thanks for looking!


Nos 08-22-2004 02:33 PM

looks good man.. by the way.. how did u hurt ur arm..?
any idea what the car will look like when finished..? what color?


flamedfordbronco 08-22-2004 03:38 PM

hey nos,
thanks for the reply! The weird thing about my arm is that i don't really know how i hurt it. I tore a couple ligaments in my shoulder, and i think it was from weightlifting, but it could have been hurt in any one of the other sports i play. the car is eventually probably going to be a light metallic blue with a white top, but i plan on doing the bodywork then spray it primer black until i get enough money for final paint. as soon as i can use my arm, i'll be fixing the dents, shaving the doorhandles, suiciding the rear doors, making a cowl induction hood, and maybe making the hood tilt forward (all this after the engine runs though). i'll keep everyone updated. thanks again for the reply!


Nightfire 08-22-2004 09:20 PM

Looking fact looking AWESOME!!:thumbup: white top and blue body is really gonna make that car look good.
Scraping on the floor and suicide doors:drool:


Sorry to hear about your arm


Nos 08-24-2004 12:21 AM

someone should do a photoshop od it.. ill give it a try as soon as i get my photoshop disc back


coldknock 08-24-2004 12:33 AM

Is that a generator on the left side of that engine?

Nice ride man.


flamedfordbronco 08-24-2004 10:48 AM

hey everyone,
thanks for all the replies and compliments. nos, thanks for giving the photochop a try when you get the disc back, could you make one copy primer black too? thanks a lot!
larry, that sure is a generator on the side of the engine. i just put it back on so i could get the engine all back together and running, but i'm going to take it back off and put on an alternator. theres no way that wussy generator will be able to handle charging the motor, air compressor, and any kind of stereo i put in, so itsd gotta go. thanks again everyone for the replies! if you have any suggestions for the car, let me know!


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