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Indeed - thanks Tom!

In re-reading their online specs and your post I may be mis-understanding their terms. They include "Lobe CL" in their specs. I presumed that was intake Lobe Center. Is it that or is it Lobe Separate Angle?

These all four 'retrofit' hyd rollers they offer and am researching...

CS1061R Pro-2K (Lobe CL 112, 273/288, .433/.462)
CS1070R Pro-3K (Lobe CL 110, 288/284, .462/.470)
CS1071R Pro-5K (Lobe CL 108, 306/306, .480/.480)
CS1073R Pro-3K (Lobe CL 104, 275/275, .458/.458)

I guess I need 'BOTH' LSA and Center Angle (as well as some clarification of terms :-) ) to calculate other things like IVO, IVC, EVO, EVC for comparison and graphical plotting on my spreadsheet (not perfect but better than nothing).

And a couple more question if you know much about these cams...

Q: Are these all dual-pattern or dual-profile cams or ...?

Q: My understanding is they use a material in these cams that is compatible with stock distributor gears and therefore no swap of distributor gears is required?

Basically I'm researching possible dual-pattern hydraulic-roller retrofits for an early 70s 350 SB Chevy. In a nutshell: ~9.3:1 CR, 1.96/1.5 valves, 4 spd, 3.36 R. Purely a street driven vehicle and would like plenty of broad torque starting somewhere between idle and 2K(max) up to around 4500-5500(max) w/ a reasonably smooth idle. I'm NOT looking for HP bragging rights from the dyno nor high rappin' RPMs for this application.
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