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Knobie 10-02-2003 07:32 AM

I have a 55 chevy with a sbc. I use manual brakes, am running a Muncie M21 tranny with the cast bellhousing with the "ears" trans mount, and stock steering. I am interested in the hooker fenderwell headers part #2102 but am concerned of the fit. The motormounts are custom solid mounts and am pretty sure that the engine is set back about 2". I am running edelbrock rpm heads and the passenger side was in contact with the firewall requiring massaging. I also had to modify the firewall to run a HEI distributor. My supplier does not carry these in stock and a return would be impossible if these would not fit.
Please Help me!!
Thank you

ianhealey 10-02-2003 07:46 AM

hand made headers
ask around and try to find someone that will hand make a set for you this is not as scary as it sounds and the fit will be better
but beware dont get talked into going to big 1'3/4 1'7/8 primarys are surficent for the street and a good shop will press bend them for you or you can cut and shut some mandrell bends
your self but youwill need good welding skills

Knobie 10-02-2003 07:57 AM

I looked into having a custom set made but the cost is 900.00 compared to 630.00 Canadian for the Hookers. :pain:
The Hookers are 1-3/4x32 primaries with a 3" collector.
Here are some more questions!
I am running 10.5 to 1 comp, balanced, edelbrock rpm heads, super Victor Jr Intake, 700 cfm holley D.P, Roller rockers, 244/253 duration with 510/533 lift 107/112 lobe sep cam, desktop dyno at approx 460 hp. Do you think that these headers would be compatible?
Car weighs 2900 lbs w/o me! 410 gears 30" tires. Should I run 2.5" exhaust or 3".

Knobie 10-02-2003 12:49 PM

If I end up not using the fenderwell headers, does anyone know of a good header that will allow for good ground clearance as the 55 is pretty low?
Thanks Ted

ianhealey 10-02-2003 10:40 PM

custom headers
hand mades are made on youre car these
these will give the best fit and if the shop has
a four poster hoist it will allso show you the
ground clearance threres three or four hundred in
the price but if you rip the factory ones on a speed
hump you have to throw them away
tri y's give better bottom end performance
and more ground clearance and if you think about it
on the street most of your time is under sixty miles an
hour ok we all like to race but 4 into 1's are for prolonged
high revs race car nascar stuff dont get me wrong
4into1's will work too but tri ys' may give you better
service good luck Ian

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