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Originally Posted by Mad Tiki Customs View Post
You cant use fiberglass to patch metal. I cant tell you how many cars ive restored that the fiberglass has de-laminated from the metal. There two different substrates that expand and contract at different rates also causing body filler to eventually crack.
My advise would be to have a competent metal man do the patch for you, Please dont destroy a car by using pop rivets. thats the kind of workmanship that everyone always shakes their head at and laughs. Its not a way to repair a car that you actually like.

I can see both sides to this coin. There are all different levels of expectations first off, what are your expectations? What is your budget? What are your skills? What tools do you own?

I believe in doing things the "best" way possible, but then there is also the "bestest" way That is doing it the best way you can when the expectations, budget, skills and tools afford you.

There are times when you can "properly" do something without doing it the best way. I know that sounds stupid because if you aren't cutting out and welding in new metal how could it be done "properly" but think about it as doing it the "Bestest" way.

If you sand blast and epoxy prime a floor that is full of small rust holes and then cover it with fiberglass cloth filling all those holes and giving it some strength, it isn't the "best" way but it could be (this is all opinion of course) the "Bestest" way to correct the rusted floor if this meets your expectations than all is good right? In visiting forums over the years we have seen people with all kinds of different expectations. So how can I give them what they need to meet their expectations has been a question of myself.

To answer that question I have tried a few of these methods of repair like testing the 2K aerosols and things like that. So on my Rambler I had a swiss cheese floor board on the drivers side. The interior was all in there so cutting the floor board out and welding in a new one would have taken quite a bit of work. I decided to do it the "bestest" way as a little test. I spot blasted the floor using my "Speedyblast" with the little sand catcher so the sand doesn't go all over. I then brushed epoxy primer on it and then laid fiberglass cloth over it putting a number of layers and then brushed epoxy over that. That was two years ago and driving it every day, I just pulled up the carpet to check the brake fluid the other day and it looks as good as the day I did it.

This is a far cry from pop riveting a patch panel on a quarter panel which is just plain wrong anyway you look at it. But there is a place for these fiberglass or reinforced filler products is all I am saying.

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