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Originally Posted by 69 widetrack View Post
OK Brian, here is my take on doing or recommending this type of repair. If your working on a car that has no value today or in the future and your only concerned about it lasting for a few months...go ahead, knock yourself out, plug the rust with fiberglass. If your working on a classic, say for example a 69 Mustang and the roof is rotted out...would you recommend filling the rust holes or repairing the rusted areas properly by replacing the rust with metal or maybe, depending on the amount of rust, the whole roof. In my opinion it's not a matter of "next bestest", it's a matter of bringing a classic back to it's original condition. If the owner doesn't have the knowledge or the equipment then I would suggest one of 2 options, either get the knowledge and the equipment or hire a person that can do the job properly. Too many a good, restorable vehicle, and we've all seen them, have been butchered to the point where a proper restoration isn't feasible anymore.

In my youth I made too many stupid mistakes with cars that today would be valuable, be damned if I'm going to pass on information to people remotely suggesting that fiberglass out of a can is an acceptable and respectable way to repair rust or restore a classic.

Just my thoughts.


I'm with you Ray, the value of the car has a lot to do with it, I did it to my 59 Rambler, not exactly kicking fenders with the 65 Shelby. And again, I am talking not about my opinion on what is right or wrong with another mans car, just as I am not going to tell him what color to paint it. We aren't talking about a particular car like a 69 Mustang, we are talking these repairs in general and no car is mentioned correct? I thought that is what this thread was about.

Because most every subject in auto repair is going to change from one end of the spectrum to the other in quality depending on each car and each owners expectations.

I merely tossed out there a way you could take care of SOME repairs on SOME cars. What car and what repair would require a more thoughtful discussion.

As I said, my Ramblers repair was literally a test bed, I don't do those sort of repairs either, but being it comes up here and other forums now and again I thought I would toss out maybe a "correct way to do it incorrectly".

My Ramblers been on the road driving it every day for almost two years now, the floor looks exactly as the day I did it, both top and bottom. It has met THIS cars owners expectations And I have to assume with the 290 million car owners in America I am not the only one. So there is a place for this type of repair, that is all I am saying.

There are some people who are going to cut corners, I feel it is better to tell them to do it correct incorrectly than to tell them nothing being they are going to do it anyway.

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