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Originally Posted by M5StudeGuy View Post
OK.. I'm reading this thread and you folks are getting me worried...
I applied fiberglass to the roof of my truck. I was told it was fine..
SO let me detail what I did and give me your thoughts.

I stretched the cab of the truck and it wasn't quite level,.. so we added fiberglass to fill the low spot. We did this:
Sanded the metal with 40 grit paper.
Put on epoxy primer.. sanded again with 80 grit.
Then we put on a layer of resin, a layer of fiberglass mat, resin, mat and then resin (all at once). Stuff is hard as a rock.
Then we put fiberglass out of a can on top of that to help with the small low spots (some on top of the fiberglass/resin mix, and some on bare metal), and finally bondo to make final adjustment to make it perfectly smooth.
We sanded with 40 grit between each application.

SO please tell me I'm not going to have any problems...

I wouldn't have done it like that...I seen where it popped off the metal over time... You might get lucky,, Then again you might not... I would say you can be ready for it to pop off one day...I hate to be the one to tell you.. And I wish I had a crystal ball to say for sure,, I would have used short strand body filler instead of fiberglass..

Another thing is.. Resin is not any good by it's self... You say you added more resin on top of it to flow it out... Resin is brittle without the chop mat... The mat is what holds it all together.. Resin by it's self will crack very easy.... When your doing fiberglass work... You want just enough resin to wet out your chop mat.. The less resin you use,, The stronger the part will be... Using more resin then you need is a big nono... Ever seen where they make custom fiberglass parts in they suck out as much resin as they can once everything is good and wet... There's a good reason behind that..Good luck with your truck..May last a while,, But it's hard to say just how long it will last..
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