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Hey im no expert but from what ive done and seen some amazing things done for your box if you want to make a custom box, if your a beginner then make a box some what realtive to the style you want square wedge circle or what ever. Well lets say your sub is a 10 well make the hole like 14inch or so and make a lip on it or make the out side edge higher. Take some fiber glass strech it or just let it hang or how ever you want to make the design then put some resign let dry spray with the color of your car then PRESTO you have a custom box just the stlye and design of your own mind. Also depending on the size weight and position the box and same with sub you might want to slap a few more sheets of fiber on there so it will be able to support the weight of the sub, or make some support beams inside the box for the sub, but thats unnessary holes in it but you could just fill it in then sand. This can be applied for the amp also, you can even make it so the amp is like hanging over the sub parrellel or diagonle (not sure how to spell that one) to the sub. Also i would suggest if you dont want to fiber glass every thing for sound slap the car with some dynomat extreme, it's a sound deadener, makes the base sound REAL GOOD.
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