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Originally Posted by 69 widetrack View Post
Henry, most of the time you are right, you are an excellent Tech. Although I have never taught apprentices at Wyo Tech I have taught at several Colleges through out Canada. When you teach prospective body men and painters you do your best to teach them the correct way and a way that will minimize problems that they may encounter in their careers. Have I taken short cuts...without a doubt I have, anybody who says that they never have and has been in the trade for any length of time has, if they say they haven't they're lying. Has it ever bit me in the butt when I've taken these short cuts, you bet it has. I remember one time I was doing a paint job and ran out of reducer...another well respected painter told me to use another brand, he had "done it many times and never had a problem". The paint looked great, until the detail guy went to wash the car before delivery and washed the paint off. Why did this happen to me when the other painter "never had a problem" (sound familiar). It happened because I took a short cut and was to lazy to wait for the correct product to finish the job. Who took the brunt of criticism from the shop owner, I did, and rightfully so, I should have known better. Did I go run to my employer and say but "this other painter told me so", no, that's not professional...I should have known better. I fully understand that when your in the shop environment short cuts are sometimes taken, it's a fact of being in that environment. The people that are posting and asking for advice aren't in that environment, they're asking for advice, why, because they don't know and they're asking you because you have the experience and you my friend are being asked because they respect you and you're judgement. Then if this is the case, why would you give them advice that could cause problems for them? You know better, your good at what you do.

I'm not posting on here to get points for being correct...that's ludicrous. My phone rings daily, Emails by the hundreds over the past few months, all from members on this site. Do I get paid, no, am I looking for brownie points, no. Why do I do it, because when I was new to the trade many people took me under their wing and guided me, all I'm trying to do is pay back by helping the people that are interested enough to know the proper way. You mentioned in your last post that "If I wanted to do the work I really wanted I'd be in my garage. No shop is above this but a handful". You are correct in saying that No shop is above this but a I mentioned, I have taken doesn't make it right and by your admission that "If I wanted to do the work I really wanted I'd be in my garage" your saying you have done things wrong as well, that's understandable, but please, don't try and get harsh with people that are pointing out errors that are made in posts...if your feelings got hurt, I'm sorry, if your ego got bruised, again I'm sorry but, I'm not going to allow what I feel to be incorrect information to be sent out their to protect anybody's ego or feelings. If your wrong, your wrong, just admit it and move on, People will think more highly of you if you admit your mistakes than if you continue to try and defend them. I know I would.

As far as Brian slandering, hardly. Slander is a dangerous word...please explain to me how he slandered and how he hurt the reputation of any shop...the definition of slander is to say something that is incorrect about a person or a business and the ramifications negatively affect them. So if Brian slandered anyone or any shop, please name them...Brian didn't.

Henry, you are an excellent Tech, you do great do however have a chip on your shoulder...look in the mirror, find out which shoulder holds that chip and take it off, your life will get a lot easier. I've read many of your posts, I don't care if you are Mexican...I had respect for your ability from the first time I read your posts and thought to myself, here is a guy that knows...I didn't know your ethnic background and when I found out I didn't care...your still a great technician and even through out this discussion we are having I'm not changing my mind about your ability, as I mentioned, that's a constant...just try and take an edge off your attitude and you'll garner even more respect.

Sorry for being brutally honest...but sometimes that's what it takes. If this post offends you, well you have another shoulder to put a chip on...just don't keep adding to many chips, they get heavy after a while and can weigh you down...please take it from a guy that's been there, done that and didn't gain anything from it.

Still respect your workmanship and your ability.

Your friend...Ray
what the hell does being Mexican have to do with anything? I actually don't like how minorities want special attention these days, but with that said, I refuse to be that Mexican in the back prepping for $10 an hour. Is that not something that goes on in the shops? Just being honest here. I have a chip on my shoulder cause I've dealt with many older folks who know a lot more than me but couldn't hold a candle to my work and I have to always be humble in the shop and "PRETEND" it's not so because that would mean getting paid more. So I just soak it in everyday at work just so I can pick their brains and go along with pretending, but I also have my ways of alerting the know nothing boss. For instance, when the boss says you work from start to finish back half he works the front half. When it comes time and I see what's wrong with the front half I will leave the front half as it is cause I never got credit for fixing it before and this I know the boss knows what he touched and what I touched, but since we're pretending here they won't ever be honest about who does what. When someone tells you you're doing something wrong with your rust work when the reality is they just want less than make it out to be you're being a rook, that doesn't bode well with me. When the other guy they think does it right doesn't do it right but thinks so cause they know no better and cause he has more experience, where is my respect, where is my thanks for only doing the rust work he can NEVER do? I go along with this pretend game only cause I like doing the cars, I like the info the old man gives, even though I have to pretend his work is as good as mine, and because I'm waiting for a better restoration shop to offer a job. I do not want to work for any other job other than a metal fab type shop. I will gladly play the pretend game over there. It's humbling, this trade.
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