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Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
Henry, boy oh boy does what you just described bring back memories! That full on restoration shop I went to work at years ago had the same thing. I was hired as a "helper" and I don't think a month went by and the boss let go the painter go and I was the only painter in the shop! That being said there were a couple of bodymen who were HORRIBLE. One would say over and over how he had been doing this stuff for 40 years and I would say under my breath "Yeah, and you have been doing it wrong for 40 years". But get this, I was being paid crap, it was a union shop and I was an apprentice. But I would have to come in early so I could fix the body work the old man did before I primed it! I just couldn't understand why in the world would the owner have this guy when the work needed to be done over.
And by the apprentice no less.

On the race issue, that has NO PLACE at Hotrodders or anywhere else! I hope it never comes up again. I got just a little understanding of the thread where this was mentioned a while ago and had no interest to read it so I don't know exactly what happen and don't care to. It is pure out and out BS "race" is one of the most over used excuses for way too many people. First off there is no such thing really as far as how anyone does anything, that is CULTURE not "race" there are VERY few things that makes us different due to "race", what makes us different is culture. If I was raised in Tokyo I would think and behave like those in Tokyo, if a Japanese baby born in Tokyo was brought to California at a day old and raised in my home he would think and behave like those here in California, race would have ZERO to do with it. Other than the GOOD THINGS about different cultures (like food. ) that we can celebrate, there is absolutely no reason to ever bring it up, it is not useful.

I agree, race is stupid, but at the same time it hurts me to see Mexicans only doing the crap work in shops. It really hurts me to see that. All I'm saying is that I refuse that role but I also refuse the role of a victim, but I will not ignore what I see with my own two eyes. I have disregarded all Mexican culture cause I am an American but I can't overlook seeing good guys in **** positions that just coincidentally always seem to be the mexican guy. Now I'm not like my father in law who will sit there and say Mark Sanchez is underrated cause like anyone else in America I know Mr, Buttfumblez is horrible and blew away playoff hopes against The Jaguars of all teams. NOW THAT, is bias. I don't play that one, but I won't be in denial either. Enough said about that.
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