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schnitz 11-26-2004 03:53 PM

FIRE!! Actually I bought a MAPP gas torch
Yep, now I've done it. I can "play" with fire. I got a Mapp gas torch kit from the local Menards this morning for under $40. Not bad I figure. I know it's not an oxy-acetylene torch, but for the real light stuff (re-welding the shields on my push mowers etc...) it should work. So has anyone else ever used one? How thick of steel could I cut with it? I bought an extra oxygen tank to go with it. Any ideas on how long the MAPP tank will last during steady use? I've never tried one and am going to try it out cutting a 1" x 1/8" flat iron. And yes, the fire extinguisher has been recharged!

julmer 11-27-2004 07:19 PM

I've heard two things:

1. Because everything is small, including the tanks, you can't get enough heat to do heavy stuff. Don't plan on brazing any castings with it.

2. The tanks are small and have a fairly short life. Always keep a spare set in stock.

Other than that, they are pretty good and sure have the edge in portability. My big tanks live in the corner of my garage and I have long hoses because the tanks are difficult to move without a cart built for that purpose and that takes up too much space for me.

oldschoolrods 11-28-2004 03:26 PM

I think I've seen a kit similar to that at tractor supply, that comes with a torch. I've been thinking of picking it up, lemme know how it works for you.

schnitz 12-02-2004 08:41 PM

Well, the mini torch actually worked pretty good. Once I figured out the right flame setup, it was a breeze to use. I hadn't used any kind of a torch in a few years, but it all came back to me fairly quick. For the money, IMO, it was worth every penny. It's still got MAPP gas in it, but the oxygen sure burns up quick. I'm on the third tank and am almost ( I believe) out again. MAPP gas lasts at least 45 minutes with this setup. I kinda wish I had bought it years ago.

BTW julmer, I played with it to heat a scrap 3/4" steel plate, and it did it. I ran out of oxygen though as it was starting to melt a hole into it. For the light stuff though, it works great. It could use a longer hose to the tip, though.

julmer 12-02-2004 11:30 PM

I think that's the *****, just about the time you get something heavy hot enough to do anything useful, you have to stop and change the tank.

crashtestjoey 12-08-2004 05:14 PM

I've got a MAPP setup as well that I use to heat stubborn exhaust system nuts/bolts and things of that sort. It's a good deal for some hard to reach areas where a full-size torch won't fit. Unfortunately, the hoses aren't long enough (as someone mentioned) so you can't always use it for that.

I ended up buying a larger oxy/acetylene torch setup for around $400 that has paid for itself due to the excessive oxygen cylinders I was going through trying to cut through bigger stuff.

It's nice to have the MAPP option though when I don't feel like dragging the large cylinders to the work - I'm going to build a cart to solve that problem soon though :)

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