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Originally Posted by KULTULZ
The FT firing order will be the same as the FE;

Thanks KULTULZ!!!
After searching several sites I finally got back around to this project after obtaining 3 different firing orders for this truck.
1 = 13726548
2 = 15786342
3 = 15426378
Your information proved to be correct.

For the sake of anyone elses future search reference, I also found the direction of rotation of the distributor to be counterclockwise.
My particular truck required position of the #1 plug wire to be connected at 9 O'clock position on the cap, {viewed from the front of the vehicle}, although the #1 mark on the cap was in a different location. Of course, this is only because someone has previously removed, then installed, the distributor shaft in this position in order to enable proper engagement of the drive, then oriented the wires on the cap to coincide with the proper ignition timing index area.
I found #1 TDC {end of compression stoke - at fire position} position of the distributor driveshaft by removing the #1 spark plug, then rotating the motor in the correct operating direction until compression was observed on that cylinder, then simply used a coathanger to watch the position of that piston until at TDC.
Maybe this info will be of future help to someone like me!!!
Thanks again KULTULZ.

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