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Colter 08-22-2008 01:56 PM

firing on two cylinders
Im so lost. just put a 327 out of my camaro I sold into a Truck, I changed the cam . Ive had it running twice, but now I cannot get it to run and the only header tubes warm like thier firing are 3 and 4. im running an HEI with 8.8 wires I cleaned all the plugs and gapped them At .35 and if i pull #1 it has a spark but for some reason i can run my time gun off 3 but not 1 what the *&%( is going on with this thing im lost. :confused:

Jmark 08-22-2008 02:51 PM

Well, it's kinda time to go back to ground zero and start checking things.

You say you changed cams?
1. Are the timing gears set up correctly?
2. Are the valves too tight? Loosing compression?
3. Is the dist. installed with the rotor pointing to #1 wire when the engine is at TDC on #1 cylinder?
4. do a compression test. ALL low would make me re-visit the cam/chain install. Some high and some low would tell me to re-ck the valve adjustment.
5. Did you loose the ground to the HEI? Crappy spark will cause a timing light to not work, or work sometimes.
6. Is the HEI a known good unit?
7. Was the engine a known good unit? LOL

Just things to check. Sometimes it's good to go back to square one and see what got missed.

DoubleVision 08-22-2008 03:57 PM

If you are only getting spark to a few cylinders by checking each with the timing light then you have a problem in the distributor as each wire should make the timing light put out a signal. First off, I don`t know what year vehicle you placed it into, but the HEI must recieve a 12 volt signal, so check the power wire running to it for 12 volts constant. If that checks okay then it could be anything in the distributor from a bad cap to bad wires to a coil, pickup coil or module going south.

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