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First 4L80E build questions.

I building my first 4L80E and it will eventually see very high torque levels.
I have a couple questions to see what you guys think.
I've built many 700s but this is my first 4L80E.
It's a 2000 model.
Alto makes extra capacity clutches(thin) for everything but the overrun and OD. Anyone like them?
Are the Raybestos blues better?
Hughes Performance shows that they have "performance" clutches and kolenes for OD and overrun. Anyone know what they are?
I wish to have WOT enabled 3-4 shifts. I'm used to the 700 issues so I'm concerned about this with the 4L80E.
I want it to be able to hold up to cruising a couple hundred miles and get a few passes at the track every week and not have to worry about it.

Setting band clearances. Please don't beat me
The ATSG shows a special tool similar to the tool used in the 700/4L60 for setting servo pin travel.
You know how in the 4L60 you can just leave off all the seals, put in the lineup, put in the snap ring and push on the servo cover and get your travel?
Is the band on the 4L80E the same way? If so, what is the recommended travel?

I'm gonna be running a TCI controller.

I plan to cryo everything. It's not that expensive and I've seen first hand it's affects on 700r4 components.

I saw several posts where the Sonnax valve is recommended by mr Crosley to prevent damaging high pressures. I've seen the wide front bushing. Hardened forward hub. 34 element sprag. Transgo 1-2 kit. Is that right?
I've seen the 4340 input shaft.
What else can anyone offer for a decent buildup? The 700 has all kinds of neat tricks (like the really neat reverse drum mod for the torrington under the pump Crosley put up) but the 4L80E doesn't have much of anything available on the internet.

Like I said, I've done lots of 700s and if any special tools are needed or any advice on clutch selection or clearances, please let me know.

Pick anything above that anyone feels like helping with as I am ALWAYS willing to learn more.
I've done searches on the subject on this BB but the poster's questions would get lost in sidebars(sometimes angry rhetoric) and were seldom answered.

Anything anyone wants help with on 700s, I'm more than willing to help. I'm pretty good there. Just don't know jack about 4L80E's. Syclone477 (I think) got a really good thread going on the 700 one day. I was kinda looking for that here.
Thanks so much.
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