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When you see one launch at 25 psi let me know what you think about the overkill then. The guys have found better tires, doing front end suspension travel limiters, and better shock kits. The better they are hooking up, the more the trannies are failing. I don't mean for that to sound snippy or anything. Please don't take it like that. They are just amazing to watch.
I've got one individual running over 800HP through a 700 is set up for him. He's dyno'd at a 10.2 for the quarter. I'm hoping for him to get some real world numbers soon. His is a good example of what these trucks can do. Even with the AWD he is having trouble getting it to hook up and spins almost 1/2 the time on the track when doing practice runs trying to set up his governor.

Right nowmine's just at about 330HP.
My goals are to build it to surpass 800HP but I want to be able to cruise with it to meets and play a little and not worry about getting a tow home. A different turbo, Air to Air intercooler, alcohol injection and a stand alone engine management are on the wish list. I just want my driveline to be able to hold up and not worry about busting it as the levels increase. I hope that makes sense.
Exceeding 800HP is being done pretty regularly now.

In the 700r Reaction shafts, input shafts, output shafts, flipped sprags, busted planetaries(including the 5 pinon) and burnt 3-4 clutches are problems on the turbo 4.3 engined trucks. And that is on stock 280HP 330 foot pounds of torque vehicles.
Some e4340 output shafts were produced to help there but none of the other parts (reaction shafts, rear planetary, or input drum) that was promised by the manufacturer ever made it unfortunately.

I'll be using a much lighter converter in the 4L80E. I'll have to contact you on that I picked up a stock converter at Dacco and it felt like I was picking up a 700r4. That is definitely out.
I've worked on a BUNCH of these trannies out of these trucks. I'm just ready to try something new.
Do you guys think the 2.75 1st gear ratio is worth the cost? (over $600 I've seen).

Oh...thanks for the info on the band settings or the lack thereof. Just makes it that much easier. Thanks so much.

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