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First thing I have ever painted

Well over the past week I went up to my buddy's shop and sprayed a bumper for my truck. Its an 03 F250 and my buddy backed up into me so I ended up buying a whole new front metal and plastic trim cover. Both needed to be sprayed so I have always wanted to learn/do auto painting so I decided to take a stab at it. I donít have any real good pictures as I took a few with my phone but they donít really do it justice(for better or for worse). What Iím looking for is some input/critique on my methodology. Here how the sequence of events played out:

Took the new bumper and plastic trim piece from Ford and used some fine scotch brite to scuff up both pieces. I used a soapy water mix on the plastic(I used Tide) to pre-clean it and then clean it after scuffing. I hosed it off and towel/air dried it. On the metal I used some laqour thinner. After this I sprayed the inside and outside with primer. I sprayed about 2 coats to of this on both sides of the metal part and just on the front part of the plastic trim. Once dried. I sprayed the back side with base coat and clear of both pieces and edged the plastic/metal interface. After propper drying time I assembled both pieces and preceded to wet sand the front. I used 400 grit and sanded everything I could with one of those flexible foam backing pads. I started out on the plastic first as I have never wetsanded anything bfore and if I burned through an was plastic and not bare metal. I cleaned up everything and laid down two coats of base coat. After flashing/tacking I sprayed the clear down. The I used the straight clear and the hardener but apparently I was going to I had to throw a bit of a reducer in it. I laid down three coats of clear and let dry. Overall it looks pretty good, however A errant throw of a bucket has set me up to redo the basecoat and some possible body filler work(its all int he I 'm not sure what I'm going to do yet). I didnít have any real problems outside of the fact that I had a fisheye that laid down after applying more base coat(on the plastic) and after the first layer of clear the gun started to "act funny". Apparently whoever used the gun before me used his clear gun for base coat and I got some white spec's in the 2nd layer of clear. I had a little bit of orange peel but apparently that happens when laying down a few layers of I'm sure my technique was part of it. After the bucket toss I'm just going to DA is back down and respray........

As for materials I was used sherwin williams 4th demsion basecoat and some Xtreme Clear and 2K Epoxy Primer/Filler/Sealer. Its a daily driver so nothing to crazy. I was looking for cost effectiveness.

One of my main questions is this... Once I redo all of this... I was wondering what would be approproaite sanding wise for my application. As I said its a daily driver and not a show car by anymeans. I was going to use some 800 and then some 1500 and let the buffer take it from there....

Thanks for any input.
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