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cmcgrogan 09-04-2010 09:02 PM

First Time Painting
i am new here and i would just like to introduce myself.

hi my name is chris. i am 15. my dad and i have recently rebuild a 1976 ford bronco. we put a new remanufactured 302 with a better cam and 4 barrel holly on it. being 15, i can ride a moped. so i work and rebuild mopeds for the kids in my town. i can do anything on these things mostly because they are simple :D. recently, i bought myself a 1978 z28 camaro. it had a long block in it but no transmission. currently the car is an automatic, but that wont last too long ;).

the body was good but had lots layers of paint on the car. so i bought some stripper and started to strip the car. once most of the paint was off, i took a da with some 40 grit and started to sand away. but with school and other things, i can only do a panel here and there. so instead of having the newly sanded panel rust, i took a can of primer to prime it to prevent rust. now i have the whole car sanded down and primed with the exceptions of driver side rocker and and the front fender patch panel.

after that, i used a 320 pad on the da and started to rough up the primer so i can prime the entire car. do i need to take all of the primer off so it is back to bare metal or can i prime right over it?

second, my grandfather used to work at a body shop. so he gave me all of his old stuff. he gave me a bunch of ratio cups, paint sticks, paper filters, etc, and a few guns. four of these guns look old and one looks newer and i know for a fact it is newer. These guns are:

Sharpe 975 hvlp (the one i know is never because of hvlp)
Devil Biss type jga-502
Sharpe model 75
Devil biss type mbc-193141
and Sear 106.156131 122

all of these numbers were found on the gun and i assumed they were the model numbers. are any of these guns usable or am i looking at paper weights? there might be a possibility that i am getting a set of ak guns one for priming, painting, clearing, and touching up.

i have been doing a lot of research between prep and paints, and mixtures, etc.

if i can use some of these guns or the new ak set, i would also like to paint the mopeds with them instead of paying for them to be painted.

thats was a long post so i think i am done here :D

cmcgrogan 09-04-2010 09:08 PM

and of course i want to start with solid colors and hopefully get up to metallic!

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