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Fixing dents with dry ice myth revisited.

Well, we have seen it, all the videos on youtube and what not showing someone rubbing a chunk of dry ice on a dent and it comes right out. I have seen it posted on a number of forums, big dents, small dents, they come out like magic. I picked up some dry ice today and put it to the test. First off guys, this is real easy to do. If you challenge my findings, go do it yourself. The dry ice I used today was picked up at the supermarket. I went to a west coast chain called Safeway. But I assume if it was that easy, you can find it at the supermarket where you shop. I bought a half pound of dry ice for a whopping 59 cents!

First test was on a dent on my wifeís family truckster, our Windstar. I rubbed the dent with the ice for a minute or two, nothing, zero.

Ok, maybe the metal is too thick, or it is that darn American car metal that is programmed not to self heal when exposed to dry ice so you have to take it back to the dealer to repair, beastards!

I then grabbed a test fender I keep out in the back yard for stuff like this. Itís off a 2006 Toyota Prius. It is much thinner, maybe that will do it. The cars you always see being fixed in the videos are later model, maybe that is it.

So I took my ball peen hammer and put a mild dent in the Prius fender.

I rubbed the ice on it for about three minutes or more.

Nothing, zip, zero, no change what so ever in the dent (or was it a ding?).

So, I put the ice on top of the dent and just left it there for about thirty minutes.

After the thirty minutes, here are the results..

In my opinion this repairing dents with dry ice is a hoax, a sham. What would be the purpose to take the time to create something a video or what ever like this I donít know. I actually had an idea of how it is done and that being that the thing is shown in reverse and the dent is put in after the ice is rubbed on the metal. Shown in reverse it looks like the dent is fixed, that is just an idea. It also MAY work under some other circumstances than I had. What those circumstances are, I donít know and I truly believe it is a impossible and I am only being PC with the notion that it is still possible.

As far as I am concerned, this myth isÖ

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