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Originally Posted by cutthroatkid View Post
Hey this is something I copied&add too I sent it to my buddy for advice but he's pretty busy so I thought Id cut him some slack....well I painted my truck for the umpteenth time&sure you've probablly read the paint came out but I left some scratches in my bodywork &learned I need more lighting..all noon stuff Im learning&I'll get it well.I tryd my hand&sanding down some of the scratches & bleeding new paint in..worked like a charm.Now... I get the truck all the way out in the sun rinsed off&was gonna go take some pix.I stopd in auto parts store&came out&it looks like somebody opened the door&put a gold baseball sized dent in my truck!Well this is my plan..hit the whole truck lightly with 600 just to not cut through the clear but rough it up.Then to run a light coat over it or two if suggested Then Ill hit it with the clear what do you think.Paints only a week old.Itll be about 3 Weeks till I do this.Ofcourse Ill fix the dent.
If this isn't the correct way to do this please tell me how.Also I have some rubber that I can't seem to get the paint off&its looking kind of dull.Its far from brittle.I'm wondering is there a paint maybe a rattle can sort made for rubber?Also on the truck I only did two coats of clear so when I lay the paint I want to lay more.&on my body panel stand I had laced my buddies bumper cover on it that I painted a month&red paint from june got on it? The paint was on the padding ontop of the stands wth happened?Thanks I have a huge board in my shop I write all of the good tips I get off of here on.
Two coats of clear is plenty to sand with 600 and paint over as long as you don't get real aggressive on the sanding. The most common error in this case would be the clear not being applied in a perfect two coats over everything. It is VERY common to have thin and thick spots of material when first learning this stuff, laying that perfect coat is a long time coming. So it is very possible you have spots with twice the clear as other areas. Having more clear isn't an issue of course, it's areas that have too little clear that is the worry. So, no worries if you don't sand it down thin, just scuff the clear off nice with the 600 or even go to 800, no need to get that clear thin.

Do you really need to go over the whole thing or are these sand scratches in areas where you could repair JUST those areas and stay away from going over the whole thing?

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