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tech69 05-10-2011 10:39 PM

fixing small plastic tabs/ and fixing toyota bumper
two separate questions. Fixed my wife's quarter and took off the bumper to repair. It's a 2002 Honda civic. The tabs are small and thin and broken. In a shop we always get new ones when that happens but if I wanted to would a plastic repair work to fix them? I don't think they'd hold up and if they did they did I imagine they'd have to be too thick to squeeze into the bracket. I said we should replace it but if it's doable I'd rather do that. One of the tabs holds a bracket right under the tail light. Is this possible? Btw, the tabs are too small for a net to help. Any advice appreciated.

Also, am fixing an old man's 96 tacoma as a favor. The rear chrome bumper is bent down on the right side and the bracket is bent on that side. Could I just stick a porta power down there with a 2x4 and push it up? Would it work? I think it's worth a try. Or do you think I should just go to pick and pull and grab a used one with right bracket?

milo 05-11-2011 02:06 AM

If the tab dosen't show , is it possible to melt some stainless steel screen into the plastic to reinforce the fix?

The best screen can come kitchen department.. The stainless splatter screen they (wives,girlfriends) use to cover the hot oil when cooking is a fine mesh that can be melted in and as it is drill able and won't rust stain etc, those hand strainer thingys are good for tougher projects but both need to be replaced asap or they'll yell..
Anyway a common solder gun can push it into the hot plastic as you heat it cut to fit in place. :thumbup:

hope to have helped

tech69 05-11-2011 08:28 AM

interesting. I may forcefully give the tabs more room and try good ol mesh but I'd hate to try it and see it fail. I've done lots of stuff with mesh but never tabs, or in this case skinny ones

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