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Kathleen 10-26-2006 11:56 AM

flames on my white bmw station wagon?
Hi. I have a nice car, 2003 BMW 325 IT wagon, and I'm getting it flamed!! It got dinged on the hood, flying stick road hazard gotta pay for it myself, so I thought now is the time. The flames will be mostly on the hood although I would like some side panel but that'll bring the price up even more. Why I turn to you all is to ask about colors. I've been looking around and I like: tangerine candy, candy lime, candy blue (with skulls!!), candy brandywine and candy purple. I also like orange ghost a lot. I wouldn't do ALL of these colors, of course. Do you think I should tone it down and do a more subtle ghost? or pick a fave color and do bright flames? Will I tire of the bright colors or will ghost be dull? So many decisions. Keep in mind it's a non-pearlized white background and that I'm a 51 year old social worker (with the heart of a low-rider), please. Any advise, please?

rj57 10-26-2006 03:00 PM

Flames can be anything or color(s).

They are only limited to your imagination.

There are some rules to follow when laying flames down. To me you can go overboard such as having the flames all the way down both sides of the car. But this is just my $0.02 worth.

I've been collecting images of Classic cars for a CD I'm putting together and some of the images I've got are incredible paint jobs with flames on them.

One of my Classic car has flames on it that my buddy did when he owned the car. If I could change anything about the flames it would be they were buried under a clear coat. Why? Kids love to try to pick the edges of the flames with their finger nails. This means a lot of touch up for me. :(

Kathleen 10-26-2006 03:09 PM

That wagon is gorgeous. All painted up front into flames is good, too - and the colors. I'll mention the clear coat to my body guy. Thanks.

kenseth17 10-26-2006 03:51 PM

boy if this post ain't right up beemdubya's alley.

stepside454 10-26-2006 03:58 PM

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heres mine ...GM Bright white , flames are candy apple over silver

Kathleen 10-26-2006 05:52 PM

it looks great. so you think I should go for a red theme?

2stroketurbo 10-26-2006 06:41 PM

Ultimately, only YOU can pick the theme. Personally, I like bright basic color hues over white, like reds, oranges' and yellow.......makes them really stand out. Here's my flamed Subaru 360.

I used no pinstripes to outline, and cleared over so no edges.

Flames will look great on your car!.... no matter what style or color.


rj57 10-27-2006 02:04 PM

My 150 Wagon is painted Appliance White. It was painted in january, 1981 by my buddy Steve when he owned it. (1980-1988 when I bought it)

Steve sprayed a purple pearlescent on top of that. It was his first time every trying a pearlescent and since it was real translucent he got some areas too heavy which made the new paint look old. Even today you can see some real yellow areas on the paint. I wet sanded and buffed the entire Wagon in 2004 after it got to looking real yellow-ish.

The flames were laid down in about 1982. The blue is Bahama Blue, not sure what the names of the purple and yellow paints of the flames are?

Bee4Me 10-27-2006 05:47 PM

I personally would go with a Gold pearl Ghost job.
Subtle but not too over the top.Just plain COOL.
You "Flame" a Beemer and it better have a LOT of "taste".
You start spraying color of ANY sort and it's something you'll have to LIVE with,SO, It better be a KILLER layout,Which is HARD to come by.
Unless you live by the KMA ethic. :mwink:

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