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Florida Theft Recovery Law

Dear Sir,
I realise that you do not know me but I noticed on the forum that you seem to have a fair bit of knowledge concerning Florida and in general state laws concerning registration/titles. If you could give me some advice with the below situation it would be greatly appreciated.

I am living in Texas and have found a BMW 325 online at for very cheap which is loacted in Florida. The catch being that the vehicle has a Certificate of Destruction as a title. I called the seller and he told me this. That the car had been stolen at one point, the owners were paid for the car by the insurance company because it wasn't found within 60 days(apparently Florida law). Then it showed up later and the insurance sold it to the seller with a Cert of Destruction title. Which he is selling online now. He says that it is FL law that a car which has already been paid for by the insurance cannot be put back on the road in FL.
Sir, my question to you is, is this how Florida law work? Would they issue a Cert of Destruction because the insurance has already paid for it? I have done some research and I read that if a car has more then 80% damage it they issue a Cert of Destruction. Coudn't find anything about the insurance. Do you think he's lying or there is another law that I am not aware of?

If what the seller says is true. And this car is in good conditon with only 73,000 miles. And the Cert of Destruction was given due to the insurance law & not damage. I would ask my second question to you sir.
Is there anyway to transfer this Cert of Destruction to a salvage, reconstructed, assembled parts or rebuilable title? e.g in another state

Thank you once again for your time,
I would very much appreciate your reply,
Faraz LalDin
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