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Originally Posted by AutoGear View Post
Please don't read too much into these internet 'my muffler only flows 1800cfm and his flows 2600cfm...what am I going to do' whine and moan threads.

Lest be honest; most true performance mufflers will be able to flow more air through it than your car can generate. Doesn't mean you need it. And it doesn't mean its hurting you.

If its about noise, a 3-chamber crossflow muffler; or 2 2-chamber mufflers with a cross over of some type are more than adequate.

Guys love to convince each other that they need long tube headers (which aren't tuned to that specific motor), 3" pipes, 2 chamber flowbastids and an X pipe will magically 'make' power.

If you want to reduce drone, run the pipes over the axle, use an X pipe and a chambered welded seam muffler with some sort of accoustic wrap (like fiberglass) similar to a magnaflow.

Run 2.25 pipe if you have manifolds, 2.5" pipe if you have worked heads and headers.

test after test have been done on long tube-equal length headers vs shortie headers and time and time again they have proven that the long tube-equal length headers out perform the shorties. I dont care much for the H & X pipe simply becuase the H pipe acutally hurts power as to where the X pipe isn't benificial enough to justify the extra cost. Then when it comes to mufflers I have a hard time paying for the "name" of a muffler company just because they think I should. Dynomax along with Thrush (which dynomax makes) have been proven to flow better than some of the leading "BIG NAME" mufflers but yet they cost 50-75% of the price. Take the mufflers on my truck, Thrush Welded mufflers; they are proven to flow better than the Flowmaster 40's and have a very similar sound but yet they cost less than $38.00 a piece vs about $75.00 a piece for the FM 40's. then take the mufflers i run on my street/strip camaro; Dynomax racing bullets which cost $47.00 where as the comprable Magnaflow mufflers cost $85.00. But yet the Dynomax muffler flows better.
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