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gunnulf 09-18-2005 09:22 AM

ford 35 coupe
hello, i'm sort of new around here though i've been a member for a almost a year i think. I've been in the though of building an entire frame and body for a 34 coupe but recently found a 1935 ford coupe which i couldn't resist buying.

i will be getting the car around November and want to gather some basic information.

i plan i removing the body from the original chassis to take off the rust and rebuild it from scratch and the frame itself. (the purchase i did is basically basic frame, main body with doors, hood, grill and trunk) i will then proceed into taking off all the rust and reworking the metal to have the body in best shape for i don't want 2 much putty and no fiberglass(i have gathered knowledge in working metal while making suits of medieval armour)

i would like to know what gage of metal was used in body's of such cars?
(i am used to working 18-16gage metal)

for the engine, i have at my disposal a Chevy 350 engine that i could place inside. do people do this or do most go for something ford?

i would like to rebuild this car as a hotrod but don't want to mickey mouse(as little as possible) i don't mind spending the effort in really working metal and things of sort and would like to know if anyone has spare parts that they would like to get rid of would be nice to let me know.

i will also be looking into shaving door handles and door hinges and maybe (depending on the time fixing the body) chopping the top but that is a BIG MAYBE. lol.

basically anyone that has wiring information on 35 ford coupe,
pictures of the bare bone body(i've seen some but would always want to seem more what people done and what was originally) especially for the trunk, interior and roof.

i thank you in advance knowing that there is most likely post like this around though i will try and find all the ones thats are helpful to me.

thank you.

OneMoreTime 09-18-2005 11:05 AM

As far as the gage of metal..mike what you have and go with that..there are some conversion charts that will tell you what thickness a certain gage is..

the ole bird in the hand deal if you have the 350 sbc i would go ahead and use that..

Speedway motors is about the best source for parts for those in the suspension dept..Get the new parts as most of the old swap meet stuff I see is about junk..

Wiring..I think painless or EZ wire can provide a diagram with one of their kits..since the electrics will be new anyway might as well go that way..


Canzus 09-19-2005 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by gunnulf

for the engine, i have at my disposal a Chevy 350 engine that i could place inside. do people do this or do most go for something ford?

thank you.

The SBC has been done to death, my opinion is to do
something weird, It doesn't have to be a Ford engine,
but why do a chevy when everyone already has one.

Make this rod your own, do something different, you
deserve it, so does the car...

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