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1meancuda 04-09-2002 07:30 PM

Ford 5.0 vs Chevy 5.0
I've seen mentioned in a few posts different things about both Chevy 5.0 engines and Ford 5.0 engines. I know that the Ford's are 302ci, but I've always been under the impression that Chevy is a 305. Am I sadly mistaken or is this in fact true. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this. I just doesn't seem right that two engines with the same liter displacement would be different cubes.

dmorris1200 04-09-2002 07:54 PM

I'm a Ford guy but I believe Chevy produced in limited numbers a 302ci Camaro. I think maybe early seventies. It's a rare engine to find. They probably call the 305 a 5.0 because they round off when converting from english to metric, at least that's what I figured. Never really asked.

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4 Jaw Chuck 04-09-2002 10:04 PM

Ford 302, 4" bore X 3" stroke=301.6 ci or 4.94 litres.

Chevy 305, 3.74" bore X 3.48" stroke=305.8 ci or 5.01 litres

86SSman 04-10-2002 03:54 AM

The chevy 302 has the same bore and stroke as a ford 302, the 302 chevy was produced for a short amount of time and It was ended in I think late 67. I am pretty sure they sold the patent on the engine to ford. So the 302 is a 5.0 as is the 305 and 307. They use the formula ( 1/2 bore DIA squared X 3.14159 X stroke X number of cylinders. They just round the answer to the nearest whole number. For example a 350 is actually 349.847 cubic inches, so it is rounded up to 350. Hope this helps :D

86SSman 04-10-2002 03:59 AM

oops, I forgot to mention, there is a formula used to convert Cubic inches to Liters. I will look in my stuff for it and if I can find it I will post it. I think they do about the same thing with it except they round up to the nearest 1/10 of a liter. This formula should answer your question as to why they can have different displacements but still be the same liter. Even though they are different displacements look at how much they very, only a couple cubic inches, there is such little difference between them that they work out to the same amount of liters when using the formula.

1meancuda 04-10-2002 06:24 AM

Thanks for the help guys. I knew there had to be a logical explination!

4 Jaw Chuck 04-10-2002 01:53 PM

Chevy selling a patent for the 302 to Ford? Where did you get that info?

The basic dimensions of the Chevy 302 are a 283 crank in a 327 or 350 block. 3.0 inch stroke with a 4.0 inch bore. There were two different rod journal and mains journal sizes for this engine produced between 67 and 69. They have no similarities to a Ford 302 and are as much a small block Chevy as any other with all the same components interchangeable with other Chevy small blocks.

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F-1Rodder 04-10-2002 02:02 PM

I think I just learned something valuable. I do remember the chevy 302 motor but did not know that chev. sold it to Ford. I constantly take grief because I run a hot chev 383 in my truck. Now my answer will be that all sbfords have chevy's in them. That's rich for laughter.

dmorris1200 04-10-2002 05:26 PM

The only Fords with sbchevys in them are the ones broken down on the side of the rode.......JUST KIDDING!

Paco 04-10-2002 06:56 PM

the 302 Chevy came out in the late '67 year model as a code DZ block and was in special Camaros with the factory option code Z-28, thus, the Camaro Z-28 option was born. They kept the engine thru '69, when they developed and replaced it with the LT-1 350CI engine in the Z-28 after that year. Ford also had a 302ci engine along the same time line, it was in the specially equipted Mustangs, and was called a BOSS 302. Both of these engine were high performance, high compression engines and could kick some serious booty. Can't recall all the specs on the Ford engine, but if memory serves me the 302 Chevy came stock with a Winters casting factory aluminum intake, was solid lifters, and was rated at 290HP, which was at least 50hp shy of what it really would do. The Z-28 came with a 4 speed only option, and no a/c in the early versions, but that, too, soon faded for creature comforts and lady drivers. I remember them well, I was there when they were new. Got my butt kicked good by a '70 Boss 302, and I was driving a '68 Dodge Charger was good, but not as good as that little yellow Boss. A good friend had a '68 Z-28, it was a bad boy too. Seemed to have a torque curve like a 2 cycle Yamaha...when it came on the pipe, it was too tuff. So much for the "good ole days".....

dinger 04-10-2002 11:05 PM

paco, you bring back good memories. i was living in minn. -

dinger 04-10-2002 11:10 PM

whoops, hit the wrong as i was saying, i was a teen in those years, the 302 sbc made some serious dirt track race cars, sprints and late models. the torque band was perfect for that type of racing, they kicked butt. i heard tales of 375 horse on the dyno, straight from the factory. 290 horse rating from the factory kept the insurance folks from killing you with the high rates, i wonder if they ever caught on? anything over 300 horse was considered a "risk" car, they would clobber you on rates..

Mrfixmaster 04-11-2002 06:16 AM

A quick "ballpark" conversion of liters to cubic inches is 61 cubic incches per liter. Thus the 5.0 liter is 5.o X 61= 305. :D

Mrfixmaster 04-11-2002 06:18 AM

Seems like I remember putting a 283 crank in a 327 to get a "cheapo" 302 sbc. Anyone else remember that???? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

F-1Rodder 04-11-2002 10:33 AM

dmorris1200: I suspect that the reason your hiding out there is NJ so that you won't have to run against my chevy in an F-1 combo. Its hard to hook but when it hooks its a hoot!!!! Out here in the PNW all the Fords are 4X4's (I have one) to get back on the road. Actually, I'm not a marque snob.

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