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The 2002 Explorer had the same block as the cobra. They are both aluminum. The 02 explorer was the ONLY year the aluminum block was put in that vehicle. I typed my original post very wrong and made it seem like the exploder and the cobra share identical engines. I know what I was thinking, but my fingers were typing something different.

I have an explorer engine sitting at the moment, waiting to replace the old 4.6 thats in my bird.

And as far as parts being interchangable, if that was the case, then it wouldn't be a problem to swap out the heads on my existing 95 block to the newer 99+ PI (Performance Improved) heads to gain a few extra foot pounds of torque, but, you run into problems with various items not fitting such as the EGR tube, tranny dipstick tube, wiring harness, intake manifold, etc...
The big ticket items with these tbirds at the moment is to either spend the money and do the head swap, or drop in a 99+ GT engine with the ready to go PI heads and cams. But, then you have to modify the motor mounts to make the block fit in the crossmember. (I can show you pictures of how much you have to cut)
So much for the "modular" idea that everything is a direct swap and will fit.

For a little primer on the so called "modularity" of fords motors, here is a great site: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


---Mustang, after re-reading my post here, Please don't take it like I was giving attitude or anything. I started re-reading it and said to myself "Wow, I didn't mean to come across like that." So, I apoligize for that.---

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