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69xCobraJet 01-01-2013 04:19 PM

Ford Engine Choices
Ok so I am looking at getting a 67 Ford Galaxie , 2 Door , Hardtop. I would really like the Thunderbird 428 or the Cobra 427 for engines. However they seem to be pretty hard to find and when I do find them they are quite pricey. So here is the question , out the big block options , what engine do you prefer , easiest to work on , power , price ect.

Also I am not entirely sure which engines will be the easiest swaps. I beleive the engine options were 240 , 289 , 390 , 427 , 428. I know there are some variations of most of these engines. I am looking to put the biggest engine in the car possible that I can basically drop in. I reallize I will have to change out the trany most likely. By drop in I mean , not changing motor mounts much , cutting out fenders or any other fabricating. Thanks in advance for any advice.

LATECH 01-01-2013 04:35 PM

352 was also a choice in there. They are all FE blocks (ford-edsel) except the 240 which was the six that was available as base.
There is plenty of iron around like that.
My opinion ( keep in mind its just my opinion ) you should put in a 4.6 with an AOD, AODE or 4r70w from a wrecked late model crown vic or marquis. Like a wrecked cop car :thumbup:
Unless you are looking for originality.

timothale 01-01-2013 04:35 PM

Ford engines
427's are rare and expensive. If you have a sharp eye you might find one in a boat. 428 not quite as rare. still expensive but you can sometimes find one in larger ford cars, 428 mustang engines are usually gone pretty quick when listed for sale. Don't forget about mercury and trucks. some had 410's . You might also consider a 460, find more info on a Ford forum, and might find a combination of factory motor mounts that might work. and a good C6 or auto OD trans. We have my stepdaughter's 67 2 door behind the shop, needs exhaust manifold broken bolts fixed , carb and new paint. 390, auto.

69xCobraJet 01-01-2013 04:47 PM

Thank you both for the info so far. About the 460 , I would really like the 460 , but can the 4 speed manual from that year handle it and does it bolt up? As far as originality , I would like to keep most of it original. I will most likely keep the origianal engine for if I ever sell the car , if someone wants a number matching engine.
@Timothale - It will be a couple months before I will be buying , right now I am just see exactly what my options are and what it is going to cost. However any idea what you would sell it for and what state do you live in?

vinniekq2 01-01-2013 05:20 PM

ford BBs are all strong engines.They need help breathing especially the exhaust side. The 390 can equal the 383 chev in performance.specs are similar.

timothale 01-01-2013 07:57 PM

family project
the car is to go to one of the grandkids, I'll guide them along on getting it running, and a lot of sanding, paint work to do. the body was perfect, then someone backed a trailer into the Qtr and door. . and it needs a new vinyl top.

techinspector1 01-01-2013 08:42 PM

Crites has lots of parts for those cars, motor mounts and headers for 460 swap, etc.
Specialty Auto Parts For Sale - Crites Performance Parts -

techinspector1 01-01-2013 10:31 PM

The administration on this site, for some unexplained reason, allows only 30 minutes to edit these posts. Oftentimes, I spend an hour or better editing and changing the post so that it makes sense. I can't add to the previous post, so will just copy and paste the new results here. Disregard the previous post about the same information.

Crites has lots of parts for those cars, motor mounts and headers for 460 swap, etc.
Specialty Auto Parts For Sale - Crites Performance Parts -

Use these pistons....
Speed-Pro Hypereutectic Pistons ZH535CP -
With a set of D3VE heads from a 1973 or later 460. They have the large ~95cc chambers and will make ~9.59:1 SCR with the 4.2cc pistons. Avoid D2VE heads, they are open chamber and are pretty much junk, made one year only until Ford realized their mistake. Earlier small chamber, ~75cc heads from '68 to '71 will flow well, but are not fitted with hardened exhaust valve seats and the small chambers will make it difficult to build a motor with low enough SCR that will run on cheap pump gas.

Use this Crane cam with included lifters kit....
Crane PowerMax Cam and Lifter Kits 353942 -
"Excellent low end and mid range torque and HP, good
idle, daily usage and off road, towing, performance and
fuel efficiency, marine performance, mild supercharged,
2200-2600 cruise RPM, 8.75 to 10.5 compression ratio
This cam features a very low 2200 cruise rpm and should be an easy driver. Use Crane 96801 valve springs.
Crane Single Valve Springs 96801-16 -

Check main bearing bores for parallel and round. Align-bore or align-hone to correct. Cut block deck height to 10.291". Bore cylinders +0.060 to 4.420", using torque plates for boring and honing. cc the chambers and finalize them at 93/95 by cutting the head decks a little.

Use the hyper pistons with the 95cc heads to achieve a pump gas friendly 9.59:1 static compression ratio, right in the middle of the range called for by Crane engineers for this camshaft timing. Combined with the 35 degrees ABDC intake valve closing point of the camshaft, dynamic compression ratio would be 8.428:1. This reasonable DCR, combined with a tight squish of 0.050" (added 0.010" to the SBC figure of 0.040" to allow for the larger diameter piston rocking on its pin and the heavier parts) should make for a real nice street motor that will pull like Jack the Bear on crap pump gas without any detonation. Should be a whole bunch of fun with a Toploader 4-speed from 1800 to 5400 rpm's, even with a tall gear. Changing out the pig for a more performance friendly ratio will increase the grin factor.

'68 to '71 429/460 blocks were a little shorter on the block deck height than the succeeding '72 and up motors. Makes no matter, use any block you want and cut the block deck height to 10.291".

If you want to grind on the heads a little to improve performance, get in touch with Scott at this site. He is generally recognized as the top Ford iron head porter in North America. I'm told you can buy information (inexpensively) from him about where and how much to port the heads. Eastwood has all the burrs and rolls you will need.
Re in"Car"nation High Performance - Home

69xCobraJet 01-02-2013 03:39 PM

Thank you very much for all the info and the links Techinspector1. I am definately looking at a 460 swap. I am looking to spend around 2-3k for the engine , would really like either the 428 7 Litre , mainly for the 7 Litre badge :mwink: or the 460 , because 460 sounds nice and will look good on top of the carb.

LATECH 01-02-2013 05:22 PM

VIP 1 imports has a 429 from a 69 T bird for sale $999 -
Tampa 813-644-5955
or 813-644-5940

Also in Holiday ,Fl Teddy Bears Auto Salvage - 68 Tbird 429 $450. 727-937-8348
I have more if you like
One in alabama, one in arkansas and 2 in North Cackalacky

LATECH 01-02-2013 05:33 PM

Also 3 460 CI located in Fl from markV etc.
Buds wrecking Dade City - 73 MarkIV runs good $500 813-714-5573 or 352-583-4815
Wilson Auto , Dover ,Fl 77 MarkV 460 813-659-3225 call for price
International Auto Parts ,Spring Hill,Fl 73 Mark IV, $750 813-995-9350
Also 2 at McKee auto wreckers in Middleburg,Fl 904-282-5170
And In St.Augustine A-1 Auto Parts $500 904-824-0103

Happy Hunting :thumbup:

75gmck25 01-02-2013 07:18 PM

I understand why you like the 460, but the 428 just seems more like the right engine for this car, since it was one of the optional engines in that timeframe. If you build the engine up similarly to the 428 Cobrajet (but maybe using some of the newer parts that are now available) it should be a very strong choice.

The 428 Cobrajet was used by Ford because it was a relatively cheap, reliable mass market engine that still put out decent power. The 427 had more potential, but was too expensive.


hpete 01-02-2013 07:31 PM

Before you get to far along with this you should know that 67-68 full size Fords are unibody, they get kind of saggy with age.

69xCobraJet 01-02-2013 07:48 PM

True , that the 428 is more legit as far as being available that year. i would really like the 428 to be honest. I would turn it into a CJ and get all the cobra badges which I really like. Even the 7 Litre 428 would be fine. Really it will all come down to price.

Thank you LATECH , that is a lot of great info. If you do not mind could you possiblly PM me where you got all that info? You seem to have a lot sources for engines :). I wish I had the money in hand right now. Unfortunately I run my own bussiness and will most likely have to pay some taxes here soon. It will be a 3-4 months before I will be buying an engine , if indeed I do need to buy one.

@Hpete that is an interesting point , have you had issues with this yourself and if so can it be remedied? I like the 67 the best out of the Galaxies.

junker 01-02-2013 09:47 PM

Ford engine choices
I think some of these guys are smokin dope. First, all FE engines are not the same. Second, they will only take a .030 overbore. All of them. Third, they were not a high rpm or performance engine unless modified. 427 engines are expensive. Let me word it differently EXPENSIVE. And they were barely streetable when set up for performance. The FE engine is a very good low rpm torquey cruiser engine. My opinionated opinion? The car is a tank, put in a 352 or a 390 with a MILD cam and a 4-barrel and enjoy it for what it is. A 429-460 can be put in, but again, expensive. Besides that you will add about at least another 200 pounds to the front end with little gains.

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