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the 'poor man's dyno tuner' is what i called my rattletrap set up.I took an exhaust smog tester,A small hand held thing with a probe you stuck into the exhaust pipe.It would read the exhaust and tell you if the car is running rich or wasnt designed for something like my falcon but it did come in can get a rich reading on the screen,or you can get a lean reading.I then used the process of elimination..if i was running rich,then i fiddled with the jets..then if that didnt lean it out..then i would adavance or retard the distributor,play with the points gap..i got a pertronix ignitor to solve that issue.Then i would play with the plug gap or even the type plugs i was using..i also took the thrmostat into consideration..maybe i was running a thermostat that was too hot or too cold..and i stayed consistent with gasoline..i always used 89 octane..little thngs like that can mess with setting too.lets say the day i began testing i had 87 in the tank..then the next day i ran 91 or 92..then the next day was 89 octane wiith a booster in it.All these things and the changes i was making affected the exhaust reading on the smog tester..while it wouldnt tell me what i needed to adjust it did help me go in the correct direction and could be used as away to gauge the changes after i tinkered with the carb,ignition.when the stinging eye watering and nostril burning rich condition wasnt so obvious,i knew there was still room to 'tighten' up the efficiency.I kept track of every change i made and the exhaust reading from the tester after i made each adjustment.And just to satisfy mu curiosity i actually had the falcon smog tested..not required where i passed 1998 emission standards! not too bad for a 289 that had a home port job,a small aftermarket camshaft,An autolite 4100 4bbl carburetor,pertronix ignitor ignition module,glass pack mufflers and no catalytic convertors..a short while after that is when i took the car to a dyno tuner and had it fine tuned..the only thing the guy reccomended for changes was switch to 'Bosch' sparkplugs,a better quality plug wires,a better flowing intake manifold
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