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Ford I-beam front axle
Does anyone out there know where I can find a good Ford I-beam front axle for stock Ford spindles and with a modest drop like 2" oe 3"? I think a company called Mor-Drop among many others made a jillion of these in the old days.

SJFast 10-08-2002 01:41 PM

I've seen quite a few of these for sale on eBay over the last couple of years. 10-08-2002 01:47 PM

Me too, except when I want to buy one!

Halloweenking 10-08-2002 02:00 PM

You can buy them brand new from TPI for $225 not chromed, but I'm sure like me you don't want to spend that much <img src="graemlins/pain.gif" border="0" alt="[pain]" />

HK 10-08-2002 02:39 PM

Don't mind the cost but I think those have 4" and 6" drops which is too much. Car I am cloning needs the old MorDrop 2" or 3" drop.

ibuildm 10-08-2002 05:04 PM

Mor-drop Axles phone # 510 261 1888. 10-09-2002 05:17 AM

Ibuildm; Thanx for the lead. Didn't even dream MorDrop would still be kicking! 10-10-2002 06:24 AM

Hallo; I got your personal message and thanx for the reference to the photo album. Actually, that shows a '41-'48 Ford axle end which was slightly dropped from the factory. I have one of those already. The axle I need has an obvious aftermarket sharp bend and is about twice the drop that the stock axle has. I contacted the MorDrop at the phone # you gave me and he can do the job, old style to any drop I need. A little pricey @ $250 for the drop I need but worth it since the front suspension in the car I am cloning is a chrome suicide design that is the focal part of the car.

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