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I Think I Got the Right Size, That's All That matters?

One thing you have to remember, if your vehicle was built after 72, the horsepower rating is differential rather than flywheel. That means that your eninge is actually putting out about 185-195 HP at the flywheel, and I am sure if you check the specs and compare, you will find it is putting out abit more torque then a standard 302/5.0 of the same time period. BTW, back in the late 60's and early 70's, in pickups, the 300 Was rated at 170 HP at the flywheel, and this was with 7.9:1 compression.

Ok that's what I thought, it's a little more than the specs since it's a 2002 Ford F-150 , is the website to go to for finding goodies for your 300 I-6.

Thanks I already had some info on them though. They have a lot of good stuff for straight6s.

They are very susceptable to even the most minor of modifications.
They are a very sturdy engine and will last quite long with good regular maintainance.

That's what I'm hoping, to be able to get it going with out to many mods that'll screw up the gas mileage that I bought it for in the 1st place.

With a 4 inch bore and 3.98 inch stroke,veing a nearly square engine, dont expect to be able to turn them the kind of RPM you would expect out of a V-8 of similar state of tune and displacement. But then you dont have to.
Rule of thumb. Given a 6 and an 8 of similar displacement and state of Tune, the 6 will produce 30-40% more torque than will the 8 cylinder.
Torque is the real game, not horsepower, as horsepower is mearly a mathmatical formula to convert Torque to something people can relate to.

That's what I'd always heard that a 6 would pull better than an 8 of about the same size.

Knowing the year and type of induction system you have currently would help a lot. That being said, if its a carbureted version, an aftermarket intake, with a 390-450 CFM, vacuum secondary 4 bbl, and a set of headers with high capacity exhaust, would do wonders for your 300. Clifford makes intakes, cams, and headers, as well as some more exotic parts for your 300, and Offenhauser makes a couple different manifolds.

As I said before I'm sorry for leaving out a lot of the helpful info that a person in the know would not have left out. It's a 2002 Ford F-150 w/EFI. I plan on new headers and a better exhaust as soon as I can afford it.

Recurving of your distributor is also an essential to getting the most out of your engine.[/QUOTE]

Ok I'll have to look into that. Some of this stuff I've read so far was familiar to me somewhat already, but not this with my limited knowledge.

Thanks Again,
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