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An F-150 Guy also!

Although clifford is the inline specialists, they come at a price.

Good news, you can buy everything elsewhere and save$$$$ alot.

Thanks, that's the best news I've seen so far, I'm on a very tight budget!

Any popular cam company has a camshaft for your engine, if low end grunt is what your after, the stock cam is fine.

Yep I'm lookin to get off the line with a good grunt. So I think I'll stay where I'm at.

Most all header companies will have something to offer, none are a direct bolt, all will require you plumb from the header to the existing exhaust pipe(s). Depending on application, you will have to notch the alternator bracket. If you have efi, there is a chance you will have to install an O2 bung and egr to header/exhaust manifold bung, depending on the brand/company, you use.

Efi exhaust manifolds aren't that bad, they consist of dual 3 to 1 manifolds, when in doubt, keep them if you have efi now or if you have a carb setup, consider them, as they are cheap if you look around.

If your carbed, Offenhauser intakes, sold by jegs, paw performance, summit racing, ebay, have an intake that will work and again, not cost an arm and a leg, as compared to clifford performance.

The real restriction is the head, if you can port or have that sucker ported, it will wake it up. The carbed head can accept a 1.94 intake valve easily.
The efi head, can but it will be shrouded badly, best bet with the efi head is the stock valves, if you must use larger valves, unshroud the valves and try and use more timing. As the stock efi head is a swirl/fast burn head and requires less timing than the carbed head to be efficient. You go changing the shape of the efi combustion chamber and you begin to work against its intended design, keep that in mind, also the efi heads are prone to cracking, some people have went through a few before they found a usable core.

Good luck[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the good luck, but I'll be digesting this for a while cause most of this is over my head? About the only thing I know about here is porting the head, which I want to do as soon as I can get the exhaust taken care of. Or should I do the heads 1st then the exhaust?

Thanks Again,
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