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capt546 06-24-2011 01:23 PM

Ford M/C
Changing my M/C from a GM to a Ford. Can some one confirm the larger bowl on the Ford M/C is for the rear brakes?

richard stewart 3rd 06-24-2011 01:31 PM

That is incorrect, the large reservoir is for the extra fluid needed for the front discs.

capt546 06-24-2011 02:21 PM

Thanks, that is what I thought, maybe the guy who told me that assumed it was drum brakes all around. I have converted the front to disc so i will go with your information. The M/C is from, I think, a mid 80 fairmont. I switched because I wanted to upgrade to a dual master and the fittings had to be inboard because od space limitations .


richard stewart 3rd 06-24-2011 03:06 PM

When you changed over to discs did you add a proportioning valve or combination valve? it is needed to have the front & rear brakes work in concert, that is the rear brakes need to be activated before the discs. Why because the pads are in contact with the rotor all the time, the rear shoes are away from the drums & need the extra time to contact the drums.

capt546 06-24-2011 03:29 PM

Installing a prop. valve in the morning. I have replace every inch of brake line, rubber hoses and rear wheel cylinders. The front disc are all new. as well as the MC. Can not wait to try my new power bleeder.

richard stewart 3rd 06-24-2011 03:41 PM

Good going Mike & the very best of luck to you.
Take care & keep safe

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