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Churchman 05-26-2005 05:43 PM

Ford motor change question
I have a 1961 Ford uni-body PU. It has no transmission and a questionable inline 6 motor. I have been given a mid 80's 302 motor and early 90's tranny. Two questions:

1) Will this motor with it's mounts mount into my PU or will I have to buy a kit?

2) The people giving me the transmission said that it would not shift correctly in their mercury because the 302 motor that was added did not have enough vacume for it. Is this possibly correct and Can I just buy a vacuume booster for it? And will I need a different tranny mount? :confused:

Mr Ed 05-26-2005 06:47 PM

i doubt that it will fit using the same engine mounts and they may also be too far back along the chasis rails so you'll most likely need a kit or make new brackets off the chassis, we usually use a bit of box/rectangle steel- weld it to the chassis or crossmember then just drill the hole in it for the mount bolt (that is if you are allowed tio weld to your chassis in your area- we arn't-it has to be welded to a crossmember which is bolted to the chassis).
Check that the trans fits the engine as ford change their bolt patterns all the time so do a visual and check the holes in the rear of the 302 compared with the trans bellhousing.
The vacuum statement is questionable, enignes with big cams can run low on vacuum but basically standard engines should be okay, however you can overcome low vacuum problems by running a vacuum canister or a alternator with a vacuum pump on it such as those found on diesel engines.
You will need a different rear trans mount but may be able to use the existing rear cross member but you'll probably have to move it either forward or backwards. You will probably need a shorter or longer driveshaft too.

crazy larry 05-27-2005 07:26 AM

THE I6 and FE use the same motor mount. the small blocks, 302,351 use a different mount. a couple inches is the difference. the I6 mount will set your motor too high.

Churchman 05-27-2005 09:51 AM

Thanks for the info
Thanks for the info so far. The tranny and the 302 are together already and supposedly have been driven but the tranny will not shift right now even though it did before and they think it is bacause it does not have enough vacume, but I have not seen it yet, they may not have the vacume hooked up right. Welding to the chassis will not be a problem and I think I will use your advice on the tube/rectangle bar. Thanks again, I'll let you know as I know more. All info is encouraged.

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