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MiniMiniTrucker 02-01-2006 10:28 AM

Forgiving Paint
Hi guys, first of all i want to say i have learned alot form this site and i can count on one hand how many days i have been here.

Right my problem is i want to repaint my car, but i don't want anything fancy, i dont give a damn that my body work has a few ripples in it, all i want to do is get the current paint off so i can clean the rust out before it becomes a major problem.

1) I will most likely going back down to metal in a few places, but not all

2) I don't care what type of paint it is, its only to last me till i can afford to go back and do it properly (when money is not too tight)

3) Its not a show paint job (although i am above using a 5 inch brush on it) im willing to use cans of spray paint as i don't have a compressor (not yet)

4) I have heard that using matt paint can be easy and forgiving, am i wrong?

5) I saw someone talking about something called single stage? any good here?

Now to say again, its just so i can get to deal with the rust and then drive down the street and enjoy it till i can afford a good paint job, at the moment im turning my hand to fabricating one off parts for the car, like a new petrol tank, new hood, rear bed cover, new tail gate, suicide doors new interior ( so as you can see i have my hands full till i have more money.....)

any thoughts?


"what do you mean my rides to small? well at least im not making up for anything......"

gdroze 02-01-2006 05:49 PM

hi go with nason fulthane easy to use. last if taken care of up to 5 years
it is a single stage,and if your color is a solid even better.

MiniMiniTrucker 02-01-2006 05:58 PM

Up to two mins ago i had never heard of nason fulthane paint.... but after looking on the net, it came out as tractor paint....... i like it lol.... well that puppy should take some abuse.. cheers, im still open to any suggestions though.....


"what do you mean my rides to small? well at least im not making up for anything......"

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