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lcwarrior 06-18-2012 12:12 PM

which frame
Hello, I am restoring a 1951 Ford F1 I want to know which ford truck frame newer than this one that the 1951 body will fit on.

MARTINSR 06-18-2012 02:05 PM

48-52 Ford F-1 is the only frame that your cab will bolt to. "Fit on" well that is a wide open window, with enough modification you could "fit" your cab on a Peterbuilt frame, or a 27 Model T, it will "Fit" on what ever you want to spend the time to make it fit on.

Personally, I am a big modify the original frame guy, I loath frame changes. Because basically it's just for the sake of doing it, it gains you nothing you can't do with the stock frame that looks MUCH better under your truck than some late model placenta.

That being said, there is one frame that I have seen used under those F-1s that look like it was darn near born there, a Toyota Tacoma 2000ish year model. The rear needs to be lenghtened at the spring pearch and a hundred other modifications as all frame "swaps" take. But damn it looks darn near stock when you are done.


poncho62 06-18-2012 02:44 PM

As said, frame swaps are a lot of work and rarely work real well.

What I did was use a Nova clip on my 51.......Of course, I am a Chevy guy and was using a GM powertrain, so it worked well for me. The cab and bed still mounted to the original locations.....The rad support was a bit of work, but no big deal

Mojo56 06-18-2012 06:00 PM

The best frame for your '51 Ford is a '51 Ford...

If you MUST have front IFS there are hundreds of options available from MII kits to sub frame grafts to bolt on kits.

A frame swap is a MAJOR deal... I have purchased about 5 F-1 and F100 trucks over the years that were owned by well meaning guys who attempted a frame swap and gave up... usually only AFTER scrapping the original.

My '56 F100 has a B-body MOPAR torsion bar front suspension kit on it. Bolts on...inexpensive... and they ride great. Dwight Bond in Gibbon, NE used to build them and now his brother does...

BTW... sorry to nitpick but restoring a vehicle means you are bringing it back to all original condition... what you are doing is hardly a restoration.

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