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305Vs327,also addressing brain fart

Originally Posted by Valkyrie5.7 View Post
I'm a little baffled that the idea of stroke being the determining factor in a engines output is still prevalent. Here's a quick and dirty example of why: both the Buick 455 and Olds 455 are the same size. Buick has a 3.90" stroke, Olds has a 4.25" stroke... Both were torque monsters.The 350 buick came with a very similar 3.85" stroke to the big Buick, why did the Buick make a substantial amount more torque? It was a considerably larger engine.

Let's apply that to our 305/327 SBC's here, which is even fairer comparison because we're talking apples to apples. The stroke doesn't matter, torque and horsepower is going to be determined by the valve train and heads. The place where they occur is determined by the displacement of the engine itself - so long as compression, valve train and port size and shape are identical. The 327 is going to be a better in any situation because it's bigger. That simple.
The stroke determines the piston speed at a set RPM. The 305 will have a faster piston speed than the 327 at the same RPM,simple math.
The 327 will make more power than the 305,yes. The 327 can rev higher,more freely,w/e terminology you wish to put here,,,,have a lower piston speed at same RPM,,,there fore the 327 can rev a little higher,if you take advantage of this then the power will come on later than the 305(leave the 350 out for now)Val,I expected you to understand where I was going with this,
sorry I left out the details and math.
I still would prefer the longer stroke engine if I was stuck with 2.42 gears.
Im the first person to jump up and down when people say you need gears to match a cam,you dont.
So I stand partially corrected,thanks for pointing out my lazy post.I should have put more effort into it.
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