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Originally Posted by Super70DeadSled View Post
Sorry if I'm out of line here, but first any 327 would be better than any 305 any day. Even the '90 or so TPI from the third gen Camaros and Firebirds that made something like 220hp. More cubes, more power. Plain and simple. But if we are talking about application, then the story changes entirely. He's replacing a V6. So to start out, first, he'll get more power anyway. But the 327 won't like those gears AT ALL!!!! It may have a 2004r, or even better, a 700r4 which means better first gear to get off the line, but the 327 just won't be happy in that car. Especially in OD at 75 around what, 1700 or so RPMs? But again, it will be more powerful than the 6 cylinder that blew.

As for comparing cubes to strokes, well, all things being equal, in a balanced set up, the longer stroke always makes more torque at a lower RPM. That's why the 327 was used in Rally racing. They wanted to use it in road racing, (Trans Am) but the 5 liter limit caused GM to build the 302. (as I have read) Both 327 and 302 are high revving motors. But they did offer both of them in very large (by today's standards) cars like the Impala that this 327 came from. My mother had a '67 Impala that had a 302.
Not to downgrade here, but in the Honda "Tuner" world, rod/stroke ratio is a huge concern. I won't bore you with specifics, but with a tiny motor, every little thing comes into play.
About the Caddy 500 having loads of torque, (550 in 1970 to be exact), well, we are talking about a 500 cubic inch motor! That's a LOT of displacement! But the 472 makes 525 foot pounds. The difference is just under a quarter of an inch of stroke. At that size, 25 foot pounds is nothing.

As for every 327 and 350 coming from a Vette, mine did too. I was a bigger four door station wagon version of a Vette!!!!

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but to have a more fun car, sell the 327 and use that money to build that 350 block. Being a roller cam, that is good enough reason for me. More torque with the 350, more horsepower in a usable range, so on and so on.... Anyways, the police package gave the Caprice a 350 with TBI and that was a great set up!

And about that 7.5" rear, if it has better gears, use that. You could always go to the scrap yard and get another posi unit for it, if you get tired of peg-leggin'! And like the rest of us, you like to hold on to things, so just hold on to the current rear with posi for later. If you have enough left over from selling the 327, get some gears for it!
Not trying to argue with anyone but it seems that a lot of people say that the 327 won't like my car because its a heavy big car and the 327 would like something a bit lighter. My car weights about 3900lbs with no passengers or cargo. The 327 came out of a 68 impala, that has to be about the same weight maybe more. Yes the impala came with a 4 speed and probably some decent rear end gears but that is why I planned to put in some 3.73 in my car. Originally the 80 had a 200c tranny but I swapped it out for a 200-4r for highway travel which didn't really help because my combo of small motor 2.41 gears and overdrive was just to low rpm at 70mph. It did help top speed but that's not what I was after, basically I found myself constantly manually shifting from 3 to 4. After it was all said and done I did about double my fuel mileage to work and back everyday but I had to look ahead about a mile and pre plan all my up and down hill travels accordingly. Any how back to my point I am under the impression that the 327 will be ok in the 80. I won't be racing it just driving it every day, I'm not into tearing up the streets it's way to easy to get in trouble these days and not to mention it's unsafe. I could also use the 327 to mock up the build processes for the 350 and make the 327 easier to sell if it's in a car and someone can hear it run.
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