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Fresh engine won't run - I'm stumped.

I finally tried to start my 327 that I built over the past several months and when I hit the starter it fired immediately but ran rough for a few seconds and died. It sounded like it wasn't running on all cylinders. I turned the distributor counterclockwise to advance the timing a bit and got it to run for about 15 seconds but it ran rough enough that I shut it down. retarded the timing and then it backfired through carb.

Guessing I might be 180 out I switched the ignition wires to try to start using what was the #6 cylinder as #1. It didn't even try to start but I got a nice big flame out of the carb (Edelbrock 600 CFM).

I pulled all the spark plugs and removed the valve covers to check and be sure I had TDC on #1. Got compression on #1 where I should and I could look down the spark plug holes to verify #1 and #6 were at the top of piston travel. (It's easy cause the front clip is off the car). Have I done enough to confirm that It's not timing? I have a new Summit HEI distributor, new MSD wires. I can see fuel go in the carb when I move the linkage, so it seems I've got fuel and spark. I checked for any obvious vacuum leaks. I have the vacuum ports plugged on the carb and on the distributor. I have the large port on the carb connected to a PCV in the valve cover. The car has no power brakes. It has a new harmonic damper. The Edelbrock carb is manual choke and I bought it new in the box from a guy who had it sitting in his shop for several years. I took it apart to inspect it and reassembled using new gaskets but I didn't completely dissemble things, only the simple stuff.

Any thoughts? I'm gonna try to start it again tomorrow, but I haven't really identified anything. Thanks.
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