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Originally Posted by Dougie View Post
Now I'm getting a little confused. How do you know if the lifter is pumped up? And could it be partially pumped up? ie. somewhere in the middle? then how would you know how far to back it off?

I read a post by Old Bogie describing how to set the lifters by starting with #1 at TDC, doing both valves, then moving 90 degrees and doing both on the next cylinder etc. I remember doing it that way years ago, but this time I followed a book that had you move it 45 degrees at a time and setting the specified intake or exhaust valve.

What does it take to get the lifters pumped up? Will priming the engine do that? Also Old Bogie recommended tightening 1/2 turn after the pushrod no longer has any play. Most things I've read say 1/8 to 1/4 turn. Bogie has given some pretty good advice in the past, so I'm inclined to listen to him. Are you out there Old Bogie???
Bogie gives great advice, but he has been at this a rookie I use the jiggle up and down method on the pushrod, when it stops up and down movement I go half turn and call it done. The "spin" method I try every time for some reason (stubborn) and am too tight always. Even last week I finished installing heads, and once it was running I reset lash just backing them off till they clack, then went half turn in. Now thier good....but some were way over lashed....and guess which method I used initially......the guys that have done it lots have no issue, but rookies , me included, go to tight.
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