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Originally posted by Dutchman
...All these folks are helping you drive your rod!
Does this mean I can blame them for when something goes wrong with it? Just kidding Dutch, good point

Okay here we go. . . . I personally get scared when i think about how this war is going to end, because I simply think it won't until we commit genocide. Yes I know the solidity of the word and I would only use it if I knew that we are fighting an army that won't give up. They can't give up. Jihad is 'HOLY WAR', you fight to get into the kingdom of Allah, if you give up, you go to hell. Simple as that. How do you tell an entire army of terrorists who just happened to be brainwashed into this religion? (yes, I used the words brainwashed and religion in the same sentance, imagine that)

As far as the Draft goes, I'm a cancer survivor, so personally, I feel like I'm cheated by exemption. I would go if I knew that it would be THE last resort to protect our country. But right now, I don't think the Bush administration has done much else other than drop bombs and cause chaos. There are covert operations that could have been carried out to solve this. Ever see a 007 movie? Ever play Metal Gear Solid? Same principle. If they use terrorism to inflict damage and still remain blameless by trying to hide the identity of the terrorists, why can't we? So what if it's a dirty game, it works!!!!!!! And only at the expense of a few extremely noble lives that are dedicated to the cause. Not husbands, fathers, and friends who were 'chosen' to do the task against their will.

War = Solution that SHOULD be used as a last resort.
Soldier = Pawns in a game diplomats play to get credibility back.
Cost = Human lives + billions in national debt.
Outcome = Impossible for everyone to be happy.

Counter-terrorism = Covert ops to put pressure on a government by remaining an anonymous entity.
Soldier = (checkers) Free willing man against an equal.
Cost = Supplies and intel for one man (or group)
Outcome = Possible diplomatic solutions with less lives lost.

I have 2 friends, one of them I am extremely close to, that are soon to depart over there. I'm not sure of their duties, but I'm sure of their dedication. When they decided to enlist, they knew what they were getting into. Their reasons are different from mine because I had a job, a loving girlfriend, and a future. I'm not saying they didn't, but if they believed they did, I don't think they would have ever have signed up in the first place. The best soldiers go into battle with nothing to lose. Just because they went, they are always winners in my book. Reguarless of the outcome. That is their goal, and I respect that.

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