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Terry Smith 01-06-2002 06:17 PM

front brakes
I have a 67 camaro I would like to know if a set of 70 camaro spindles and disc brakes would fit if I switched from left to right since the 67 is rear steer and the 70 is front steer?

any information would be greatly appreciated

Rick Holden 01-08-2002 04:20 AM

The spindles from the 70 Camaro will bolt up, but the calipers will now be on the front, requiring new brake lines and hoses (please make sure they clear wheels in all positions!). The geometry of the suspension will also be upset because the '70 spindles are taller. The better solution is to use the disc brakes (spindles/calipers/rotors) off of the '70 - 72 Chevelle, Lemans, Custlass, Skylarks. They are a 'bolt-on' swap and will accept your current Camaro steering arms so geometry won't change.

stinmar1 01-08-2002 08:50 AM

No , the newer spindles are offset differently and beyond that , ball joints arent exactly right either . When you turn them around the geometry between joints and control arms is way wrong . I had a 69 firebird with disc brakes and a thoughtful friend ditched it . I know camaro and firebird from 67 to 69 will switch . Im told the nova from 67 to 69 will work . I had power Drum Brakes on 67 that we switched to disc with a conversion kit from somewhere , I cant remember if it was Year One or The Paddock . Check both out . The 70 up Camaro is an entirely different driveline and front suspension .

stinmar1 01-08-2002 08:54 AM

Rick is right , The parts we used were from a 70 chevelle . I know the whole thing interchanged but I think if you use the factory 68 disc stuff the outer wheel bearing is smaller than the A body part , so if you do it use all the parts from a doner car dont cross breed . I couldn't remember its been so long ,, have fun

Rick Holden 01-12-2002 08:05 AM

Another reason for using the whole set up from the donor car is that the '69 and later stuff will be of the 'single piston' design, rather than the '4 piston Corvette style' (used on '68 and earlier cars) which is prone to leak badly unless calipers are updated.
Yes, the '70 & later Carmaro/Firebird spindles are all wrong for an earlier swap.

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