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musky2 03-31-2005 11:03 PM

front suspension change on 63 Chevy2
I cant afford a Mustang2 aftermarket front subframe etc. so what would be an affordable replacement? Ive heard 80s GM like Cutlas, Monte Carlo etc. and S10. I can get one of these cars cheap cut off the frame and suspension and weld plates to bolt on the Chevy2. Anybody done this , can give me some advise to save alot of trouble. thanks , Mike

astroracer 04-01-2005 06:15 PM

Take some measurements off your duece then take a trip to the 'yard.
What you want to measure is center-to-center of the front tires and also the width over the brake drums where the wheels bolt on.
You are going to be looking for something pretty narrow which the A/G bodies and S10's are not going to be.
What I am going to tell you here is just something for you to think about.
If money is the object I don't think you want to rip into this. It can get expensive (and will) when you find you are in over your head and have an undrivable car in your driveway. I would suggest simply rebuilding what you have. New bushings, bearings, brakes, shocks, and tie rod ends WILL perk up your old cars drivability and is just an R & R process. Ripping the car apart to put in a "new" worn out junkyard suspension that will not work correctly and will have to be stuffed full of new parts anyways is not really cost effective.
I have done this both ways myself and I find that, after all is said and done, the "expensive" aftermarket kit is generally comparable in price to a do it yourself get the stuff cheap method. Junkyard parts are usually worn out when you buy them and you will end up buying new brakes, rotors, shocks, bushings and whatever else will nickel and dime you when taking on a project like this. Especially if experience, tools and facilities are lacking.
Sorry for the book but you did ask for advice...

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