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hoof 07-22-2006 09:39 PM

Front suspension help, parellel to transverse spring?
I am using the search function, I swear! Found a lot there, but could someone give me an answer from experience?

I am getting (would have gotten today if the gas station safety bars wouldn't have swerved in front of my trailer) a 1950 pickup rolling chassis with two cabs which I have high hopes of making a rat rod out of.

Finally the question, the chassis has parellel leafs in the front, and I want a transverse spring set up. Anyone modified a parellel leaf front for a single transverse spring? I think I almost have it figured out, but I am not sure about how to mount the spring perches.

My idea is to weld batwings on for hair pins, between the old spring perches on the axles and the spindles. I would probably have to grind away some of the "flat" that makes up the spring perch on the axle currently. Could I use some type of a u bolt arrangement as spring perches utilizing the flats where the springs used to fasten? Would I be able to have the axle bored for a common through the axle spring perch or would that weaken it?

CHAZ 07-22-2006 10:49 PM

I think you would be $$ and safety and performance and looks and all other ways way ahead buy buying a transverse front axle. Check the ones offered by Speedway Motors. They have all the hardware you will need to install a great looking and safe front end for not that many shekels.

timothale 04-21-2008 08:36 AM

spring brackets
I have seen home made brackets welded to the I beam.. questionable because of unknown welding ability and the alloy of the axle and rod used to do the welding .. I have seen brackets that bolt to the 4 bolt holes . some one does sell weld- on brackets but I didn't save the info ...short quarter elliptical springs can work on a lowered rat truck...Zipper motors in Colorado makes neat lakester buckets using that style suspension

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