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Oilyrascal 12-12-2012 03:47 AM

Fuel gauge sending unit...A long post
Testing Ohms.......Ill admit that I know ZERO, I do own a voltmeter that has an Ohms ( I am guessing thats what it is ) setting but I prob. do not deserve to own the meter since I am almost clueless how to use it.

I do however feel better/get a chuckle knowing that I am not the only one, that prob a large majority of us do not either but cant admit it.

I do not know if it is possible for someone to help me to better understand how to use it on-line here but Ill give it a shot.

Here is a post that I made on another website.......I am working on a 52 F-7, I plan to use the gauges from an 86 F-150 and believe I will be ok with everything except the fuel gauge.

I plan to use the original 52 fuel tank which is located behind the rear seat and so of course it sits up on end as apposed to sitting flat underneath like the 86 truck.

I have read that the sending units and the gauges are calibrated one to another so I went to the scrapyard and pulled the sending unit out of a 86 F-150 302 carbuerated mechanical fuel pump truck.

I removed the portion of the sending unit I need from where it was tacked onto the 86 pick-up tube.

I am thinking that although it may not read exactly accurate considering I am sure there is a difference between the size of the tanks and imperfect or inconsistent placement if considering where and how it was originally mounted I do believe it will tell me when the tank is full and will tell me when the tank is empty ( or close to empty ) and this is really all I am after.

Any thoughts/suggestions on how to adapt any of this would be appreciated.

I have pictured below the 52 sending unit ( long one ) and the 86 this bar to view the full image.

Someone suggested to me this.............Why don't you get an ohms reading from the '52 sender and compare it to the ohms reading of the '86 sender. They may be close. I believe the gauges (only) were still 6 volt in '86 aswell. So you might be able to use the '52 sender after all.

Worth a chuckle noting that I spent considerable time trying to find a 1986 aswell online, I thought poster was telling me that there was still a vehicle in 1986 called the aswell and it still used 6 volt gauges :)

Pictured below are some clearer pictures of what I am working with..........

I know these last two pictures are un-clear but what I was trying to show was that there are no symbols, no nuthin on the back of these gauges to indicate direction

Can someone help me to better understand how I should go about testing these two gauges and what I will be reading and what it all means in simple terms.

It may be that the original 52 gauge is just no good and therefore will not give a reading, I do not know how to tell. Thanks for your efforts

sunsetdart 12-12-2012 04:23 AM

Here's a simple way to test both sender and gauge..............hook them up and run a 12V source(battery) to them . Then as you move the pickup on the sender the gauge should register as you move it.
If the gauge registers empty to full , you have the right combo.

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