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fitzwell 08-01-2006 10:12 AM

fuel system ????
46 ford pickup, mustang tank, mounted in frame behind rear axle.Carter electric pump mounted on the frame, about 24" from the tank. Pump is on a relay, filter before the pump, and one at the carb. The pump is mounted at about mid tank level, not below, however, it only has about 18" to pull, from the tank to the pump.

Question is...anyone see anything wrong with this setup??

Have lost 2 pumps on this truck, in the last 2 months. Truck dies...check, no fuel at the carb, but the pump is still trying to work. Let it cool & it will pump, not enough to run, but it will get some fuel to the carb. Checked with the factory guys at carter & asked if Ethanol in the fuel could be an issue. They seemed to think not, said the pump would work with up to 10% alcohol

will be going to Louisiana (1200 mi round trip) in a couple of weeks & don't really feel like changing a pump in 100 degree heat with a gator watching me :eek:

ideas, comments & suggestions are welcomed.....

nitro_baller4692 08-01-2006 05:03 PM

one filter is enough,before the will run hotter if the pump has to not only pump but to have to push the fuel threw another filter.this can cause the fuel line to vapor lock.

meev182 08-02-2006 03:25 PM

make sure the pump is mounted below the gas tank as well. the lower/closer, the better.

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