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Originally Posted by 1Gary View Post
Understand you theory completely and appreciate it.Thing is when you start calling about "real world situations" we both know full well the mechanics in the upper rpm regions in the real world are far,far,from perfect.Valves that are supposed to be completely closed aren't etc.

Now you can experiment on your wallet all you want with pinging engines.But please for the sake of the rep of the forum,the newbies that come on it for advise,re-frame from your risky behavior advise.

I can without doubt tell you that Tech has a good history with hundreds,no thousands of readers.And I have trailing not far behind him involvement in hot rods agree with what he has said.
I am not really sure this makes any sense to me. It sounds like you are saying you essentially agree with landshark about how it works, but that its alleviated by the valves not being closed all the way when they are supposed to be. Which, sounds to me like you are relying on the engine not working the way it should to compensate for the high compression ratio. Well, engines don't normally operate in a friction-less vacuum as the physicists say they like to operate in, so that is probably true. Where I have a serious problem though is when you insinuate that running a lower compression ratio is the risky behavior that is being recommended to a newbie. The way this thread reads to me, is one person asking if a base compression ration of 13:1 is ok on pump gas if he puts enough cam in. Some people say its fine, others say it isn't and that you really shouldn't run more than 10-10.5:1 on pump gas. I fail to see how the 13:1 crowd is the conservative, non-risk taking side of the group. I think if we have newer, less experienced people asking questions, it shouldn't come off that a higher compression ratio is the safer, less risky option...

On an unrelated note... My debate experiences in college force me to point out, that if one side of an argument is demanding source citations from the other side, they better have some of their own...