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rxlmod 12-12-2009 08:19 PM

garage paint job
Im looking for some advice. Im restoring a 77 f150 and it is getting close to getting final paint. i have 2 car garage and i was thinkin of painting it in there. i have paint everything else in the garage and i have put the entire body in primer in there. any suggestions on how to get a perfect paint job in a garage. keep in mind im painting it soon and it gets cold here in north dakota this time of year. i use a kerosene nipco for heat.

BLUEROBERTS 12-12-2009 09:16 PM

Talk To Paint Seller About The Right Reducer(temperature)get Garage Good And Warm,turn Off Heater,rub Car Down W/prep,your Supplier Can Furnish You With This.then Spray Away,10-15 Minutes Between Coats,or Youll Get Gas Bubbles.

302 Z28 12-12-2009 09:40 PM

This is a very dangerous proposal. You need adequate exhaust ventilation, and proper protective equipment. You also have to worry about your neighbors and how close you are to them.


Rix-Trix 12-12-2009 10:00 PM

There is a lot more over spray in the air to paint a complete compared to painting a few parts or priming. You should have proper ventilation and protection for the smaller jobs as well.

Fergusonic 12-13-2009 06:56 AM

Painting at your residence 2 car garage in the cold weather is not such a good idea because you have to position a couple of fans and open the garage doors to get ventilation. When you do that; there goes your heat. Open flame and painting = possible explosion. If your garage is attached then you could vent the attic's warm air into the garage with screened openings into the garage ceiling. A perfect paint job?....I didn't know there was such a thing.

deadbodyman 12-13-2009 07:21 AM

You'll never get a perfect paint job in there,first of all ,there's no such thing,second: its hard enough for a pro to to do with experience and a booth...if you want it perfect ask God to do it...Thats the problem with people that post threads like "how to get the perfect paint job" perfect to a blind man aint so perfect to a sighted person...BUT...You can get pretty good results in a temporary booth "see lacquer thinner question" theres some very good temp booths there. Painting isnt hard but it does require some practice (experience)thinking its simple or easy will get you in a lot of trouble and be very expensive.not to mention frustrating....

rxlmod 12-13-2009 09:54 AM

Do u think that I'd be better off renting the spray booth where I work. It an absolutly massive one. Used for oil field equipment it'll cost me about 500 bucks. And its kinda dirty. And ill have to have it in and out of there in one weekend.

Fergusonic 12-13-2009 10:14 AM

$500 to rent a dirty booth where you work? Quit it...No way. Ask some paint shops to rent their booth on the weekend.

302 Z28 12-13-2009 10:15 AM

Wow $500 for a weekend is pretty steep, unless they actually use it on weekend for the business. Were not saying you cannot get a decent paint job in your garage, but there are some important safety and environmental precautions you need to take.


rxlmod 12-13-2009 10:37 AM

Ya they figured that itd cost about 300 dallors to heat it for one weekend. And they don't want me to be in the shop by myself for safety reasons. So I'd have to have anothre employee there. I figured the painter would want about 200 for a weekend of work. On my truck

deadbodyman 12-13-2009 11:29 AM

why rush it? are you driving it every day? why not wait till it warms up? what I would do is start gathering up the materials to paint it.check out some home made temporary booths made out of electrical conduit or PVC and plastic ,they work well and you wont be rushed in any bodies shop trying to get it all done in a weekend. even with a good booth a newbie can get a terrible paint job.ask a lot of questions and think about everybody's answers, use the one that best fits your situation. knowledge will get you a nicer job than a good gun or booth or even the best paint. so don't just jump right in ,study up a little and remember a good paint job is 80% prep.and how you use your truck should dictate how much money you should put into it you don't want to spend 5,000 and drive it through the woods. If the truck has no major dents it might take you a week to prep it start a list of the primers and sand papers you'll need..... paint comes last, there's many types and brands to choose from and it'll get confusing.

rxlmod 12-13-2009 11:46 AM

the body is just about done. one more coat of primer and maybe guide coat then sand and its done i had it dont to bare metal. my last goal was to have it done last christmas. i had a baby and we moved and some other things so i didnt reach that goal. im getting married next summer and i really would like to drive my pickup in the wedding thats the rush. i have all the materials besides the sealer i do have epoxy primer that i could use as sealer but ive got mixed opinions on that(thats a different subject).

deadbodyman 12-13-2009 11:54 AM

OK ,that explains why you want to do it yourself. I feel for you, having a baby an all, it looked painful when my wife did it.. :D what color are you wanting to do it in?...Holy crap N dakota?.arnt you guys under 12' of snow already? I'm in Ga and its 55 degress out ,thats too cold for me. Sorry I should have paid more attention...

rxlmod 12-13-2009 12:03 PM

1 Attachment(s)
subaru blue its the color of those wrx's i got the interior and some other stuff jamed its a nice color. ya your right man i wouldnt want to go through that kind of pain. heres a pic of the color it alot farther along then in the pic i havent put any new pictures on my computer lately

kenseth17 12-13-2009 04:37 PM

The majority of the painting I've done in my life has been in a garage, or a far from perfect booth. Makes things a little tougher on you, but there have been a lot of pretty good paint jobs that have come out of peoples garages. Professional booths have great lighting, proper airflow and ventilation, filtration, and are climate controlled and clean, to make the application and possiblity of problems and defects in the paint job less likely.

The biggest issue though is like other mentioned, must not do anything too stupid and blow the place up (not highly likely if you don't have a bunch of overspray and solvent build up along with an open flame or sparks, and to consider proper saftey for yourself and know the dangers of isocyanates and solvent exposure can pose to your health. I've painted in some less then safe conditions in my younger years with only a small box fan for ventilation and a barrel stove for heat, and somehow am still here to talk about it. I wouldn't advise someone else to take the same risk. The biggest concern though is the damage painting in and hanging around in an overspray filled room may have damaged my health in the longterm. They never really told us the dangers of the isocyanates and chemicals when I was learning about paint and body.

And maybe the biggest issue, depending on your neighborhood, is the fact that painting in a residential area is illegal and most areas, meaning a neighbor complains or the city catches you, could mean a big fine and them watching you. Understandable considering the dangers it could pose to your neighbors or the environment.

Pretty much plan on buffing, and use a paint that will allow you to do so. That means a clearcoat if a metallic or pearl color, and problem best to shoot a urethane. Even in the best of booths, the majority of the time can be improved with at least some colorsanding and buffing.

I've painted a few cars in my small uninsulated garage in below zero temps, by getting the garage real warm, an attic fan for ventilation, and running my kerosene heater again when overspray was cleared and I felt pretty safe to do so. But don't know if I'd bother going through all that hassle anymore, and would prefer just to wait for warmer days to paint.

But the biggest improvement in results and hassle, has got to be investing in a top notch gun. Running lower pressure with a high transfer efficiency so no longer any overspray clouds lingering around to try to look through in an already dim garage, able to run the fan on low since not a lot to clear out, and also kicking up less dirt and dust. Plus handles high solids materials with much more ease. Investing in a top efficient gun is worth the money in the effort and material it saves (provided you have proper compressor output).

I think I would rather paint in my garage, then waste the money renting that booth for that kind of money, plus being rushed. If they don't keep it clean, also who knows what kind of things are floating around in there that could give you a fisheye nightmare. Problem is, your probably going to find more of a hassle then with the insurance companys and bodyshops, trying to find a booth to rent. Shops invest in a pricey booth to make themselves money, not to do others favors, and why would they want to take the insurance risk letting just anyone off the street come in and use there high dollar booth and equiptment for the few bucks it would bring?

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